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November 5th, 2010  

Spending Starts to Catch Up to Clearwire

November 2nd, 2010  

Ethernet Exchange Roundup: CENX, Colt, Neutral Tandem, and AboveNet

November 1st, 2010  

Clearwire Finally Lands in NYC, Plus Tampa, New Haven and more

October 27th, 2010  

Domestic Roundup 10-27: Telx, Qwest, 360Networks, AboveNet, and First Communications

October 27th, 2010  

Sprint Keeps On Turning That Corner

October 19th, 2010  

Sprint, AirStrip Take WiMAX Into Hospitals

October 17th, 2010  

Clearwire Taps FiberLight For Backhaul

October 13th, 2010  

Clearwire Considers Selling Slices Of Golden Goose

October 5th, 2010  

M&A Up North: Rogers Buys Atria

October 4th, 2010  

Verizon Wireless’s Refunds

October 4th, 2010  

Samsung Demonstrates 330Mbps WiMAX 2

September 30th, 2010  

More Markets For Clearwire, Plus Tower Locations!

September 24th, 2010  

Goodness Gracious, Great White Spaces!

September 21st, 2010  

LTE Opens In Vegas

September 14th, 2010  

More Fiber Bytes: Integra, Zayo, Deltacom

September 2nd, 2010  

Ramblings Prediction: Sprint Won’t Open the Door for TMobile USA

September 1st, 2010  

Clearwire Opens for Business in Boston, Providence, Daytona Beach

August 6th, 2010  

More Earnings: Cbeyond, Terremark, FiberTower

August 4th, 2010  

Clearwire Raises Subscriber Target to 3M, Signs Up Cbeyond

August 2nd, 2010  

Clearwire Opens For Business In Wilmington, Florida, California, Michigan

July 21st, 2010  

LightSquared is Born, Nokia Siemens To Build It

July 19th, 2010  

Intellifiber Makes Move on Wireless Backhaul

July 19th, 2010  

Nokia Siemens Buys Motorola’s Wireless Equipment Division

July 19th, 2010  

Harbinger, Falcone Seek Cash for SkyTerra’s Buildout

July 14th, 2010  

Henkel Goes With AT&T

July 6th, 2010  

Telefonica Taps Verizon for Mobility in the US

June 28th, 2010  

Clearwire Adds Three More Markets

June 20th, 2010  

AT&T’s Femtocell Admission

June 10th, 2010  

Zayo Expands FTTT Push Once Again

June 3rd, 2010  

So AT&T Finally Decided to Try Caps, Eh?

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