Digital Transformation Action Items for Data Centers

June 9th, 2023

This Industry Viewpoint was authored by Ken Parent, CEO, Element Critical

Having become a popular buzzword, digital transformation is really the process of implementing emerging digital technologies to modify a company’s essential operations, processes, and services that provide new ways to deliver value, ease workloads, and withstand future challenges. According to a recent Data Center Services Market report, the top five drivers of demand for data centers are remote work, digitization, digital technologies, Over-the-top (OTT) services, and the Internet of Things (IoT). All five [Read more →]

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Regional Bytes: GPC, Netrality, MetTel, Obelisk

June 8th, 2023

Two customer deployments, one key approval, and a bit of M&A: [Read more →]

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Wednesday Roundup: Federated Wireless, DZS, Irby, Lumen

June 7th, 2023

Some private 5G for the DoD and yet more FTTx expansion projects: [Read more →]

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Int’l Bytes: NEC, nLighten, NetIX, Lancom

June 6th, 2023

One new subsea cable project, one M&A, and one new partnership: [Read more →]

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Industry Spotlight: MOX Networks’ Allen Meeks

June 5th, 2023

MOX Networks (“MOX”) is one of the few companies out there actively building new fiber infrastructure. Privately owned and a part of the Nantworks company portfolio, MOX has a unique position within the market with its plans for the buildout of hyperscale infrastructure and the forthcoming healthcare data wave. Over the past year, they have been actively putting fiber in the ground in the Pacific Northwest and developing unique routes in the eastern US as well. With us today is Allen Meeks, President and COO of MOX Networks, whom we talked to last April. [Read more →]

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How AI, Edge Computing, IoT and The Cloud are Drastically Reshaping Vehicle Fleet Management For Telecom Companies

June 2nd, 2023

This Industry Viewpoint was authored by Sumit Chauhan, co-founder and chief operating officer of Cerebrum X

As telecom companies look to modernize their vehicles, the benefits of connected vehicles could make these technologies the new standard for fleet management. In fact, 86% of connected fleet operators already surveyed have reported a solid return on their investment in connected fleet technology within one year through reduced operational costs. [Read more →]

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Int’l Roundup: Liquid, EXA, Nokia, DE-CIX, Console, Globalnet

June 1st, 2023

Multiple items of interest from EMEA and beyond: [Read more →]

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Regional Roundup: Mobilitie, DC BLOX, Colt, Hurricane Electric

May 31st, 2023

Three expansion projects of US local and regional interest and one new subsea landing item from the southeast: [Read more →]

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Industry Spotlight: Precision OT’s Keith Habberfield Looks Ahead 

May 30th, 2023

The biggest vendor names in the network space are those who provide the optical platforms and routers.  But in between those areas at the intersection of different vendors, technologies, and designs there has long been space for independent innovation.  One company making its play there in recent years is Precision OT, which focuses on transceivers and related passive components.  With us today to talk about their approach, new tech like 400G ZR, and today’s supply chain ecosystem is Keith Habberfield, SVP of Sales & Marketing for Precision OT.  Keith joined the company three years ago after stints at CommScope, Comcast and Adelphia.   [Read more →]

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Digital Twins Improve Network Planning and Operations for Telco Providers

May 26th, 2023

This Industry Viewpoint was authored by Dr. Mike Flaxman, Product Manager at HEAVY.AI

Telco providers face several challenges in network planning.  New technologies require many more antennas to be more precisely placed and configured than ever before.   For example, this requires delivering 17 million microcells and towers by 2025  – an order of magnitude more than historic deployments.  While the demand for data and the growth of connected devices continues to create a need for more [Read more →]

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Thursday Roundup: Ciena, Farice, Scala, Cologix, DriveNets

May 25th, 2023

A subsea deployment, two data center buildouts, and some Ethernet for AI: [Read more →]

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Archtop Fiber to Acquire WVT From Momentum

May 24th, 2023

There was a bit of consolidation in the last mile yesterday in the northeast. Archtop Fiber says it has entered into a stock purchase agreement with Momentum Telecom to acquire Warwick Valley Telephone (WVT), continuing their regional expansion in upstate New York. [Read more →]

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More Int’l Bytes: DE-CIX, Aligned, PDG, Padtec

May 23rd, 2023

Lots of interesting items going on around the world this week: [Read more →]

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Int’l Bytes: Telstra, Ciena, Hawe, Infinera, Africa Data Centres, HGC, DCConnect

May 22nd, 2023

Four interesting international items from four separate continents: [Read more →]

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The digital divide is changing – for better and worse.

May 19th, 2023

This Industry Viewpoint was authored by Anthony Goonetilleke, Group President of Technology & Head of Strategy, Amdocs

The past few years have shown us that humans can adapt to ever-changing conditions, even with the disruption to schools and workplaces, through ingenuity and resilience. Connectivity was one of the driving forces behind this transition, becoming integral in linking our homes with work and school. In some cases, it allows loved ones to share precious moments from behind a camera. [Read more →]

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Cox to Buy Rest of UPN, Merge With Segra

May 18th, 2023

In a bit of consolidation news earlier this week, the cable operator Cox Communications announced plans to put its metro and regional fiber investments under one roof. To do that they will be acquiring that part of Unite Private Networks they don’t already own. [Read more →]

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Int’l Bytes: Liquid, RETN, Liberty, Infinera

May 17th, 2023

Several interesting bits of fiber news from around the globe: [Read more →]

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EXA Teams Up With EllaLink, Details Upcoming Investments

May 17th, 2023

EXA Infrastructure and EllaLink are teaming up for a new transatlantic service between South America and Europe. The two companies have complementary footprints, and by working together they have pieced together a diverse route between the two continents. [Read more →]

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Metro Bytes: DF&I, FiberLight, Quantum Loophole, Breezeline, Triangle

May 16th, 2023

Multiple infrastructure items of regional interest this week: four from the eastern seaboard, and one from the mountain west: [Read more →]

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Connectbase to Acquire LastMileXchange

May 16th, 2023

There is a bit of consolidation going on in the cloud ecosystem that serves the infrastructure & connectivity world. Connectbase has announced a deal to purchase LastMileXchange, a London-based provider of access pricing solutions. [Read more →]

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Metro Bytes: Segra, GPC, Zayo, FirstLight, Uniti

May 15th, 2023

Some quick catchup on metro and regional network news from around the US and in this case Mexico too: [Read more →]

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From the Fibre to the Data Center: How Telcos and Network Providers Are Creating a Greener Future

May 12th, 2023

This Industry Viewpoint was authored by Steve Alexander, Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President, Ciena

The telecom and networking industry is a foundation for the digital transformation of every critical business sector—from agriculture to manufacturing to finance and more. Essentially, telecom underpins every part of our lives, and as such has an increasingly vital [Read more →]

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