Trenching Your Own Fiber

April 24th, 2009 by · 4 Comments

I ran across this interesting bit over on TelephonyOnline that came out of the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show this week.   Norwegian triple play provider Lyse Tele has a unique way to do FTTH. They build fiber to the curb, then usually just give the customer instructions on how to connect the house itself.  That’s right, the customer gets to dig his own trench, and 80% of their 130K customers have done it this way in exchange for a discount. Given the personal stake one then puts into the build, it’s understandable that churn rates are subsequently very low.

fiber trenchIn a way, I’m surprised we don’t do this already here in the USA.  After all, I’m responsible for my sewer line right out to the curb, why not my conduit and fiber?  Then FTTC is enough, the ILEC has fewer house calls to make and homeowners that want fiber can get it by upgrading their house and property.  They could even, *gasp*, switch providers should other fiber come rolling down the street.

I’d jump at the chance, except for the fact that Verizon would probably never go for it and is aerial in my neighborhood anyway.   I don’t really trust anyone else to get it right, no matter how well meaning they might be.  Would you trench your own fiber if you could?

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  • Clevus says:

    Why not, I already had to trench my cable to the house as the original builder just laid it out and kicked some dirt over it

  • Bill says:

    How many fiber pairs could a person install?

    • Rob Powell says:

      Heh, exactly how many fiber pairs do you think you’re going to need into your home? I suppose that theoretically one could install as many as one could buy and dig a big enough hole for.

  • Ruben Olsen says:

    Lyse Tele is part of a consortium called Bredbåndsalliansen (the Broad Band Alliance).

    Most of the power companies in the alliance let’s their customer dig (install) their own fiber for the last meters (from the edge of their property (i.e. street)) into their own house.

    This can be a huge savers for the customers.

    Due to my geographical location I am a customer of another power company in the alliance and they wanted somewhere between USD 1000,- and USD 1500,- to install the last meters of fiber into my house.

    So there is a huge savings initiative for households to dig the last meters and drill a hole in their house.

    I have not found out how many households actually who has actually dug down their own fiber in their own back yard.

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