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June 10th, 2016  

Looking for the Real Smarts in the IoT? Hint: Start with the Network

June 3rd, 2016  

What We Can Do About Ransomware – Today and Tomorrow

May 26th, 2016  

Combatting churn begins with data

May 4th, 2016  

Virtualizing CPE: The Devil is in the Details

April 22nd, 2016  

Russian Subs, Sharks, Anchors and Tsunamis: How Subsea Cable Systems Are Designed to Achieve Security

April 15th, 2016  

The Future of Cell Towers: Could Advancements in Cellular Technology Make Cell Towers as We Know Them Obsolete?

March 28th, 2016  

European Cloud and Managed Services Sector Poised For Continued Consolidation and Growth

March 24th, 2016  

How SDN is Redefining the Concept of the Self-Healing Network

March 18th, 2016  

The NFV Revolution Has Arrived Ahead of Schedule

March 4th, 2016  

The Network Core Is No More

March 1st, 2016  

What Track Will the New Fiber Heat Follow?

February 26th, 2016  

3 Updates the Next Telecommunications Act Needs to Have

February 19th, 2016  

What Enterprises Want In Backup and Disaster Recovery

February 3rd, 2016  

Five Telecommunications Directions to Watch

February 1st, 2016  

The Impact of Major Telcos Shedding Their Data Centers

January 25th, 2016  

What will General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) mean for European businesses?

January 15th, 2016  

Submarine 2016: Preparing for the predicted capacity shortfall

January 7th, 2016  

What will Large Enterprises Buy for IT & Telecom in 2016?

December 16th, 2015  

The Future of Telecom and Digital Services: Predictions for 2016

December 11th, 2015  

The MEF LSO Hackathon: Building Community, Swatting Bugs, Writing Code

December 10th, 2015  

2016: Think of Cloud Industry Consolidation like Utility Service

November 24th, 2015  

Has the Cloud Strategy of Major US Telcos Failed?

November 20th, 2015  

Measuring Telecom Service-to-Cost Performance: Increasing Business Value and Reducing Unnecessary Cost

November 17th, 2015  

Fish Where the Fish Are

October 9th, 2015  

The Connected Stadium: A Whole New Game

October 2nd, 2015  

4 Key Reasons To Be Wary of the Internet of Things

September 30th, 2015  

Managing the Internet of Things – the Network Operator’s Challenge

September 18th, 2015  

Defining Approaches to SDN & NFV for a Winning Strategy

August 28th, 2015  

Traditional signaling service takes the connected world back to the future

August 21st, 2015  

Addressing Security Threats on VoIP Networks

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