September 29th, 2021  

Wednesday Bytes: EllaLink, BSO, UFD, Digicel, Orange

September 28th, 2021  

Tuesday Bytes: Lumen, Lightpath, NJFX, 2Africa

September 28th, 2021  

Amitié Lands in France

September 27th, 2021  

Industry Spotlight: Unitas Global CTO Grant Kirkwood

September 24th, 2021  

Friday Roundup: 11:11, STL, DZS, Frontier, Nokia

September 23rd, 2021  

Vendor Bytes: Ciena, ADTRAN, ADVA, Nokia, Ericsson

September 23rd, 2021  

Service Providers Take Up MEF’s LSO Sonata

September 22nd, 2021  

Wednesday Roundup: UFD, COLT, BDx, DataBank, Zenlayer, Zadara

September 21st, 2021  

Tuesday Bytes: Prime, Infinera, Globe, Altice, Proximity

September 20th, 2021  

Monday Bytes: QTS, MOX, Telxius, Ciena, Infinera, HGC, EXA

September 20th, 2021  

Industry Spotlight – Connected2Fiber’s Ben Edmond Charges Ahead

September 17th, 2021  

I Squared Completes GTT Infra Deal, EXA Is Born

September 17th, 2021  

How Digital Service Providers (DSPs) can Build AI-ML Capabilities to Enhance Efficiency of Technicians and Reduce MTTR by 30%

September 16th, 2021  

Thursday Roundup: Google, STT GDC, LOGIX, Versa, ONI

September 15th, 2021  

Wednesday Bytes: DE-CIX, phoenixNAP, Infinera, GÉANT, Nokia, NL-IX, LightEdge

September 14th, 2021  

GlobalConnect Plans New Nordic Fiber Build

September 14th, 2021  

Tuesday Bytes: New Lisbon, Tierpoint, Vexus, Liquid, Unitas Global

September 13th, 2021  

KT Makes a Deal For Epsilon

September 10th, 2021  

Vantage Makes 2 Deals, Expands to Asia-Pacific

September 10th, 2021  

Why Telecommunications Companies Need to Embrace a Single Customer View

September 9th, 2021  

euNetworks Extends SuperHighway Reach to Amsterdam

September 8th, 2021  

Int’l Bytes: Zella, Nokia, Infradata, Ukrtelecom, Iskratel, Sparkle

September 7th, 2021  

GTT to Restructure Via Chapter 11 After Infrastructure Sale

September 7th, 2021  

Tuesday Roundup: Interxion, Ciena, UPN, Uniti

September 3rd, 2021  

Why stack simplification is the future of telco revenue success

September 2nd, 2021  

Colo Bytes: QTS, Databank, Novva, EDGENEX

September 1st, 2021  

Fiber M&A: Horizon Acquires Consolidated Cooperative’s Fiber

September 1st, 2021  

Colt Takes On the Channel Tunnel

August 31st, 2021  


August 31st, 2021  

IT Scalability as a Competitive Advantage

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