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July 18th, 2014  

Level 3 Calls Out Verizon Directly on Peering Upgrades

June 30th, 2014  

Colo Bytes: Iron Mountain, Gold, Equinix, Telehouse, Onramp

June 16th, 2014  

The Level3/TWTC Deal Reverberates Around the Sector

June 16th, 2014  

Is Peering Transparency Catching On?

June 6th, 2014  

Netflix Points a Finger, Verizon Protests

June 3rd, 2014  

Shuddering At the Right To Be Forgotten

May 16th, 2014  

Friday Poll: What Is Tom Wheeler Really Up To?

May 16th, 2014  

An VNO Fast Lane Thought Experiment

May 15th, 2014  

FCC Votes to Maybe But Not Really Perhaps Allow Fast Lanes

May 9th, 2014  

Battle Lines on Fast Lanes, Interconnections, and Mergers Are Blurring

May 2nd, 2014  

Friday Poll: Commercially Reasonable Fast Lanes, Yes or No?

May 1st, 2014  

Net neutrality and business models

April 24th, 2014  

Wheeler Goes Over to the Dark Side

April 20th, 2014  

Infrastructure vs carrier investments

April 14th, 2014  

Poll: Should the US Give Up ICANN Oversight?

March 31st, 2014  

On Transit and Middlemen

March 21st, 2014  

Friday Poll: Should Peering Be Part of the Net Neutrality Debate?

March 21st, 2014  

The Struggle Over Interconnection and Peering Heats Up

March 20th, 2014  

ICANN: never mind the conspiracy theories

March 19th, 2014  

Chicken? Let’s Play a Game!

March 17th, 2014  

In Snowden’s Wake, US Throws the World ICANN’s Bone

February 21st, 2014  

HHS Picks tw telecom

February 20th, 2014  

FCC’s Wheeler Has a Plan

February 17th, 2014  

Towards a European-Only Network?

February 10th, 2014  

Of data capping, competition and consumer rights

January 24th, 2014  

Friday Poll: Is Net Neutrality Dead?

January 15th, 2014  

The Courts Deal Net Neutrality an Expected Body Blow

January 9th, 2014  

ION Finishes Up Its Upstate NY Buildout

January 7th, 2014  

AT&T to Shake Up Wireless Traffic With Sponsored Data

January 3rd, 2014  

Friday Poll: Is the Worst Over For NSA Spying Revelations?

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