On Net Neutrality, Congress Will Keep On Doing Nothing

February 25th, 2015 by · 2 Comments

When the FCC implements its new Network Neutrality framework based on Title II, there will be no Congressional response. According to the New York Times today, Senate Republicans have given up on plans to pass legislation to rein in the agency. That leaves Tom Wheeler and his two Democratic colleagues a clear field ahead of the vote tomorrow.

Surprise, surprise, surprise.  Of course, anybody who thought Congress would do anything at all simply hasn't been paying attention. Bipartisan support would be needed, and these days you can't get bipartisan support for saving a basket of defenseless puppies from an oncoming steamroller.  The very idea that a consensus in Congress could have emerge and override an obvious Obama veto was so far out there that journalists were having a hard time saying it with a straight face.

So Title II is truly upon us. Tomorrow the internet will likely be regulated like a utility, except that the government promises not to get in the way. Much. Unless of course they think it would be best.

Anybody miss Genachowski's smoke and mirrors now?  I'll bet Verizon does.

I've never been a fan of paid prioritization and all that, rather I think that a neutral last mile is actually in carriers' best interests. While I suppose there could be some innovative business model out there somewhere built around fast lanes and such, everything I've seen discussed or dreamed of by large last mile operators has seemed hopelessly counterproductive.

Applying Title II may stop them from even trying something stupid, but it's the side effects that worry me now-- specifically the side effects on smaller operators of all types.

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  • bebbers says:

    This is only the start. You can keep your health plan, you can keep your doctor. Can not wait till 2016 elections .

  • JWK says:

    I live in Atlanta and the day that my provider said that they will deliver a better service that is faster and cheaper in Provo UT, I knew the model was completely broken beyond repair.

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