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March 31st, 2017  

AT&T Formally Wins FirstNet

March 10th, 2017  

BT to Split Off Openreach

March 1st, 2017  

Network Roundup: Level 3, Colt, Verizon, CENX, America Movil

January 18th, 2017  

Poll: What Will Trump’s FCC Do With Net Neutrality?

January 13th, 2017  

Straight Path Settles With FCC, Bidding War Next?

January 13th, 2017  

The FCC’s Last Shot Aimed at AT&T, Verizon

January 3rd, 2017  

Int’l Roundup: Global Switch, VodafoneZiggo, Argentina, Rivada

December 30th, 2016  

Looking Ahead to 2017 – Some Predictions

December 29th, 2016  

Looking Back On My 2016 Predictions

December 16th, 2016  

Wheeler Plans His Exit

December 16th, 2016  

TPG says hello Singapore

November 29th, 2016  

UK Regulators Push BT to Separate Faster

November 28th, 2016  

NBN: Please don’t be a white elephant

November 21st, 2016  

Australia to assign extra $14.3b to NBN project

November 17th, 2016  

Under Trump’s Shadow, FCC Backs Off

November 15th, 2016  

The Puzzle of Trump’s FCC

November 10th, 2016  

Trump and the AT&T-Time Warner Deal

October 5th, 2016  

ICANN’s contract to provide IANA functions expires

September 12th, 2016  

Huawei tries again in Australia

September 8th, 2016  

AT&T hikes its Administrative Expense Fee by 50%

August 22nd, 2016  

Waiting for the NBN

July 26th, 2016  

Int’l Bytes: Ericsson, BT, VIRTUS, GCX

July 22nd, 2016  

FCC Pauses Review of Verizon’s Purchase of XO Communications

July 20th, 2016  

What the FCC’s 5G spectrum plan means for Ka-band satellite

July 19th, 2016  

Tuesday Bytes: Level 3, TI Sparkle, BT

June 24th, 2016  

Poll: How Big a Deal is Brexit for Telecom and Internet Infrastructure?

June 24th, 2016  

Brexit Bomb Lands, Explodes, So Now What for Telecom & Infrastructure?

June 15th, 2016  

The FCC Wins a Round in Court

May 16th, 2016  

Digital Realty Takes Eight Data Centers Off Equinix’s Hands

March 28th, 2016  

Netflix, Throttling, and Facepalms

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