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March 3rd, 2014  

Watching Cable’s Business Share

February 24th, 2014  

After Comcast/Netflix, Questions…

February 23rd, 2014  

Netflix Signs Peering Deal With Comcast

February 19th, 2014  

Most Likely Network Buyers and Sellers Poll Wrapup

February 13th, 2014  

Poll: Will They Let Comcast Buy TW Cable?

February 13th, 2014  

Forget Charter, Comcast May Be About to Buy TW Cable

February 11th, 2014  

Storm Clouds on the Last Mile Horizon

February 10th, 2014  

Vodafone Bids For ONO

February 5th, 2014  

Wednesday Roundup: ViaWest, Integra, Infinera

January 28th, 2014  

Comcast Joins the Charter/TWC Dance

January 14th, 2014  

As Malone Lurks, Charter Bids and TW Cable Scoffs

November 29th, 2013  

Friday Bytes: SK, Colt, Interoute, Telstra, and TWC

November 26th, 2013  

Cable Consolidation Beckons

October 14th, 2013  

So Now Cable Likes Netflix?

October 11th, 2013  

Parsing Time Warner Cable’s DukeNet Buy

October 7th, 2013  

And DukeNet Goes to … Time Warner Cable!?

October 3rd, 2013  

Oakland A’s Shift Stadium to Comcast’s Metro Ethernet

September 25th, 2013  

Metro Bytes: Alpheus, Mid-Atlantic, DukeNet, Global Capacity, Epsilon

September 24th, 2013  

Rogers Buys Pivot, Granite to Boost Data Center Footprint

September 4th, 2013  

Metro Fiber M&A: Cox Buys EasyTEL

August 22nd, 2013  

Cox, ViaWest Team for Cloud

August 21st, 2013  

Fiber M&A: US Metro, Summit Go to the Bahamas

July 30th, 2013  

Metro Bytes: Integra, Birch, tw telecom, EarthLink, Comcast Business

July 16th, 2013  

Level 3, Comcast Quietly Make Interconnection Peace

June 24th, 2013  

Vodafone Finds a Willing Consolidation Target

April 24th, 2013  

Metro Bytes 4/24: IFN, Pinpoint, Alpheus, TW Cable

January 18th, 2013  

Pacnet, Comcast, and DANICE Get 100G Upgrades

December 26th, 2012  

Canada’s Cogeco Buys Peer 1

October 31st, 2012  

Sandy Bends, But Doesn’t Break the Internet

October 23rd, 2012  

Tuesday Roundup: Lightower, Telarus, Optimum Lightpath, Viawest

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