Category: 'Undersea cables'

June 25th, 2018  

Sistema sells off stake in RCom

June 19th, 2018  

Another Arctic Subsea Cable Project? Hmmm…

June 19th, 2018  

Tuesday Bytes: ZTE, Windstream, Equinix

June 7th, 2018  

Thursday Roundup: Netrality, Frontier, SEACOM, CenturyLink

June 6th, 2018  

SEAX-1 cable ready for service

May 29th, 2018  

Huawei Marine Sets Sail to Build SAIL

May 23rd, 2018  

Three Bidders for GCX? Time to Speculate!

May 18th, 2018  

NEC applies AI to subsea cable networks

May 11th, 2018  

Subsea Bytes: Cleareon, Seaborn, GlobeNet, HGC, China Telecom

May 9th, 2018  

EllaLink to Cross the Atlantic in a New Direction

May 3rd, 2018  

Final Splices Complete for Hawaiki

May 2nd, 2018  

Wednesday Bytes: Xtera, T5, XKL, Cisco

April 13th, 2018  

Quintillion’s Former CEO Runs Afoul of the FBI

April 11th, 2018  

Int’l Bytes: GCX, Nokia, Assia, CenturyLink, Interxion

April 10th, 2018  

Metro Bytes: Fatbeam, CrossLake Fibre, Zayo, Conterra

April 5th, 2018  

Thursday Roundup: IFN, DataBank, Cogent, Seaborn

March 28th, 2018  

Wednesday Bytes: GTT, Aqua Comms, HE, Vapor IO

March 28th, 2018  

Huawei Marine to deploy subsea cable for NGCP

March 27th, 2018  

Russia Sistema Said to Take Aim at GCX, RCom

March 15th, 2018  

NEC to Build SJC2

March 6th, 2018  

Int’l Bytes: Ericsson, Epsilon, DE-CIX, Airtel

January 24th, 2018  

Network Bytes: FiberLight, GTT, CenturyLink, Telia

January 23rd, 2018  

Ciena Brings the L-Band to Bear on Subsea Networks

January 22nd, 2018  

Telstra to invest in two HK-US cables

January 17th, 2018  

Network Bytes: CenturyLink, Lumos, Hawaiki, Enter

January 17th, 2018  

Google Taps Subcom for Curie Cable

January 17th, 2018  

A Technical Overview of the Proposed Rockabill Cable System

January 16th, 2018  

Aqua Comms Aims For North Atlantic Bridge

January 10th, 2018  

Subcom to Build HAVFRUE Transatlantic Cable System

January 3rd, 2018  

Holiday Roundup: Xtera, Windstream, 123Net, Zayo

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