Category: 'Undersea cables'

July 7th, 2022  

Southern Cross Launches NEXT Cable

July 5th, 2022  

OAC Gets Its Final Splice

June 22nd, 2022  

Wednesday Roundup: Infinera, EdgeConneX, DISH, T-Mobile, Adaptiv, Wedge, Medusa

June 14th, 2022  

Aqua Comms Taps Telecom Egypt For EMIC-1 Link Along the Suez

June 7th, 2022  

Tuesday Bytes: Windstream Wholesale, CityFibre, GlobalConnect

June 6th, 2022  

Monday Bytes: Web Werks, Iron Mountain, Elettra, Infratel Italia, AMS-IX, Quanza

May 31st, 2022  

Tuesday Bytes: Colt, Orange Business, Tampnet, Nokia

May 23rd, 2022  

NPL, EXA, Others Turn Subsea Cable Infrastructure Into a Geophysical Sensor Array

May 17th, 2022  

Tuesday Bytes: EXA, Hawaiki, Ciena, Vonage

May 16th, 2022  

Monday Bytes: Infinera, Ribbon, LOGIX, MS3

May 11th, 2022  

Colo Bytes: 1547, Cologix, Crosslake, Element Critical, Flexential

May 11th, 2022  

DC BLOX Invests in a CLS in Myrtle Beach

May 3rd, 2022  

EXA Taps TAP For New Route to Turkey

May 2nd, 2022  

Int’l Roundup: Arelion, SUBCO, Orange Business, Sparkle

April 7th, 2022  

Google to Build Topaz

April 5th, 2022  

Int’l Bytes: EXA, GTT, AMS-IX, Sparkle, Zain

April 4th, 2022  

Monday Bytes: Syntropy, Horizon, 123NET, Prysmian

March 30th, 2022  

Int’l Bytes: Infinera, Windstream, Ciena, DE-CIX

March 29th, 2022  

Tuesday Roundup: Infinera, Liquid, QTS, Lumen, DE-CIX

March 28th, 2022  

Aqua Comms Launches CeltixConnect-2 and North Sea Connect

March 25th, 2022  

Friday Roundup: Telehouse, DE-CIX, Infinera, GBI, Vapor IO

March 24th, 2022  

The Havhingsten Cable System is Complete

March 17th, 2022  

Thursday Bytes: Zayo, Infinera, HyperOne, NJFX, Seaborn

March 14th, 2022  

Int’l Bytes: Bulk, EllaLink, DE-CIX, Web Werks

February 22nd, 2022  

Contract In Force, SubCom Gets Moving on SEA-ME-WE 6

February 16th, 2022  

Another Step Forward for Far North Fiber

February 8th, 2022  

Int’l Bytes: Ciena, NO-UK, Telxius, Colt, SpaceDC, Telstra

February 2nd, 2022  

Wednesday Bytes: DartPoints, Involta, Telstra, Telxius

January 21st, 2022  

Friday Bytes: TOWARDEX, Hurricane Electric, Maincubes, CoreSite, Zenlayer, SES

January 18th, 2022  

Tonga’s Cables Damaged By Volcanic Explosion

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