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June 20th, 2013  

Verizon, Cogent Tussle Over Peering and Netflix

June 20th, 2013  

Big data: ‘a lot of dirt, not much gold’

June 14th, 2013  

Verizon’s Private IP Now In Equinix

June 13th, 2013  

Web father suggests monitoring compromise

June 7th, 2013  

Alibaba to build 100G network

June 3rd, 2013  

DANTE and Infinera Deploy 2Tbps in 12 Minutes

April 25th, 2013  

Are social media helping improve telcos’ CRM?

April 10th, 2013  

DE-CIX Boosts Ethernet Interconnection With Apollon Launch

April 2nd, 2013  

Overhyped Spamhaus DDoS attack based on old flaw

March 18th, 2013  

Hong Kong’s Rising ‘Consumer Surplus’

February 26th, 2013  

Telegeography: 10G Wave Pricing Down Sharply In 2012

February 15th, 2013  

Georgian cable cut hits Iran, Oman

February 5th, 2013  

Sidera Sells Some 100G Waves

February 4th, 2013  

Industry Spotlight: Dave Schaeffer on Growth, Upgrades, Traffic & Sandy

January 21st, 2013  

Google’s French Ambush Bodes Ill, But For Whom?

January 18th, 2013  

Pacnet, Comcast, and DANICE Get 100G Upgrades

January 14th, 2013  

Mobile broadband no magic pill

January 7th, 2013  

XO Joins Level 3 For Bit-Mile Peering

December 29th, 2012  

Content and Peering Fracas Brewing, and It’s Not Comcast This Time

December 20th, 2012  

WCIT-12 ends in fear, loathing and confusion

December 12th, 2012  

Mobile ads that track you across screens

December 11th, 2012  

ITU In Dubai, or How I Learned to Love Gridlock

December 10th, 2012  

IPv6: Is it finally time for deployment, or are ISPs choosing another path?

December 3rd, 2012  

Level 3, tw telecom Adopt Bit-Mile Peering

November 30th, 2012  

Syria Ominously Taken Offline

October 22nd, 2012  

Peering on a Handshake?

September 25th, 2012  

Data Bytes 9/25: AMS-IX, DE-CIX, Savvis, Equinix, tw telecom

September 20th, 2012  

OTT partnerships crucial to LTE success: Google

September 6th, 2012  

Telegeography: Traffic Growth Ebbs On the Backbone

August 31st, 2012  

Taming online trolls

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