Category: 'Internet Traffic'

July 11th, 2010  

Verisign CTO: An Internet 1000 Times the Size

July 8th, 2010  

In 2010, IP Transit Loves Tinet, But Not Sprint

July 1st, 2010  

China Telecom Leverages Juniper in Shanghai

June 23rd, 2010  

Internap, Level 3 Each Notch a Couple of CDN and IP Wins

June 20th, 2010  

AT&T’s Femtocell Admission

June 14th, 2010  

The Network Connection Risk?

June 9th, 2010  

Alcatel Lucent Takes Coherent 100G to Market

June 3rd, 2010  

So AT&T Finally Decided to Try Caps, Eh?

May 20th, 2010  

Some Month Google’s Having, Eh?

May 9th, 2010  

Ramblings On the FCC’s Third Way

April 5th, 2010  

Poll: Internet Traffic and the iPad

April 5th, 2010  

The iPad: Will It Boost Wired Utilization Too?

March 22nd, 2010  

Infinera Demonstrates its 100GigE Solutions

March 16th, 2010  

National Broadband Plan Hoopla

March 12th, 2010  

Global Crossing Upgrades Latin American Cables, Again

March 9th, 2010  

Cisco’s Surprise: the CRS-3

March 3rd, 2010  

Internap Reports Q4, Adds to Data Center Footprint

March 1st, 2010  

Why Do We Need 1Gbps to the Home?

February 25th, 2010  

Cogent Ends 2009 With Another Solid Performance

February 22nd, 2010  

Interesting Details on iPhone Bandwidth Woes

February 11th, 2010  

NTT Reaches 300Gbps Transpacific

January 31st, 2010  

Industry Spotlight: Cogent’s Dave Schaeffer on Net Neutrality

January 4th, 2010  

Forbes and the Bandwidth Problem

January 3rd, 2010  

Tidbits From Around the Web

December 18th, 2009  

Stimulus Awards Finally Beginning to Dribble Out

December 6th, 2009  

On Bandwidth, Hogs, and Congestion

November 24th, 2009  

On the Health of the IP Transit Market

November 9th, 2009  

Another Quarter of Solid Growth for Cogent

November 4th, 2009  

CENX Joins Ethernet Exchange Party

October 28th, 2009  

Swine Flu to Break the Internet? Doubtful.

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