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October 9th, 2012  

XO Expands to Canada Via Cologix

October 8th, 2012  

Dual Cable Cuts Take Down Sprint in the Northwest

October 8th, 2012  

If Regulators Crack Down on HFT, Does Low Latency Lose Relevance?

October 4th, 2012  

Spread Lowers NY-Chicago Latency Yet Again

October 1st, 2012  

Maine’s 3 Ring Binder Goes Live

September 28th, 2012  

Alcatel-Lucent to Build Ghana a Network

September 17th, 2012  

Spread Networks Upgrades to 100G

September 12th, 2012  

100Gb Optical Networks – Getting the Timing Right

September 12th, 2012  

Wednesday Roundup 9/12: Inteliquent, XO, GTS CE, IO, Integra

September 6th, 2012  

Ciena Keeps the Contracts Rolling with Janet6, Vimpelcom

September 5th, 2012  

XO Picks Ciena For Regional, Metro 100G Upgrade

August 29th, 2012  

Zayo Upgrades in the Pacific Northwest

July 24th, 2012  

Tuesday Bytes: Cisco, Surf Telecoms, Birch

July 23rd, 2012  

Regional Fiber Roundup: Fatbeam, Tech Valley, FastRoads, Lake County

July 16th, 2012  

euNetworks Lights Fiber to Dublin

July 12th, 2012  

Earnings: Vendors Battening Down the Hatches?

July 3rd, 2012  

Poll: Is the Era of Bargain Fiber Really Over?

July 2nd, 2012  

Zayo Closes AboveNet Deal, Doubles In Size

July 1st, 2012  

The Era of Bargain Fiber Is Over

June 28th, 2012  


June 28th, 2012  

TEX Catchup 6/28: Sidera, OCG, Colo Atl, Hibernia Atlantic, ViaWest

June 26th, 2012  

Level 3 Takes Aim at the French Enterprise Market

June 25th, 2012  

Fearless Undersea, Timid On Land

June 20th, 2012  

BTI Wins Backhaul Deal in Malaysia

June 18th, 2012  

Southeast Asia’s Infrastructure Needs to Evolve

May 24th, 2012  

Industry Spotlight: Sean Baillie on Windstream’s Fiber Plans

May 22nd, 2012  

Valuations, Margins Steady in Q1, Except for Cogent, AboveNet, Level 3

May 21st, 2012  

Here Come the Russians, via Equinix

May 16th, 2012  

euNetworks Joins 100G Club

May 16th, 2012  

Zayo Optimizes Chicago/Seattle Route For Latency

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