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March 31st, 2010  

Covad, Megapath Get Hitched

March 29th, 2010  

XO Launches 40G Services, Awaits Icahn’s Next Move

March 28th, 2010  

Competitive Telecom Trends: EBITDA-Capex/Revenue

March 26th, 2010  

Competitive Telecom Trends: Capital Expenditures

March 25th, 2010  

Deltacom Makes Up Mind, Raises $325M

March 24th, 2010  

EBITDA Margin Trends for Competitive Telecoms

March 23rd, 2010  

Relative Revenue Growth for Competitive Telecoms

March 17th, 2010  

Sprint’s Cable VoIP Woes: Symptom of a Greater Trend?

March 15th, 2010  

Covad, CENX Make Ethernet Progress

March 15th, 2010  

Monday Roundup: GTT, GTS, Pangaea, XO

March 3rd, 2010  

CBeyond Sees Higher EBITDA Margins

March 1st, 2010  

More Expansions: Pinpoint, Mammoth, New Edge

March 1st, 2010  

PAETEC Buys US Energy Partners

February 24th, 2010  

$395M For TelePacific

February 22nd, 2010  

Lightyear Goes Public, Plans M&A

February 19th, 2010  

Weekend Roundup: Covad, RCN, Lightpath, Level 3

February 16th, 2010  

PAETEC Reports Earnings, Keeps Pace

February 14th, 2010  

Weekend Roundup 2/14 – Deltacom, Level 3, TW Telecom, Cox

February 10th, 2010  

PAETEC Heads for Vermont

February 7th, 2010  

M&A Journal: Deltacom as a Consolidation Target

February 4th, 2010  

More Data Centers, More Fiber – PAETEC, Lightower, Abovenet

February 1st, 2010  

Deltacom Plans to Raise $325M, Pre-announces

January 30th, 2010  

Weekend Roundup: TW Telecom, Paetec, Internap

January 27th, 2010  

XO Expands in Texas, Eyes Latin America

January 25th, 2010  

Cavalier Aims for the Clouds

January 19th, 2010  

XO, Hibernia Partner for Expansion

January 13th, 2010  

What’s Up at Deltacom?

November 29th, 2009  

Fiber Valuation Trends – 11/30/2009

November 29th, 2009  

Next Up For Windstream? How About Deltacom …

November 24th, 2009  

Competitive Telecoms: Relative Revenue Trends

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