Integra Expands Metro Fiber in Denver

August 12th, 2010 by · 14 Comments

Integra Telecom is adding 121 route miles to its fiber network in Denver, looking to take advantage of growth opportunities.  The $2.1M metro expansion will allow the company to offer enterprise customers a more robust set of network offerings.  Since restructuring its debt last year, Integra has been gradually returning to a growth footing.  It has also been increasing its emphasis on its on-net footprint lately, most of which it picked up in the Electric Lightwave acquisition.

But what is it these days about Denver and Colorado?  Certainly metro fiber expansions have been a hot topic nationally over the past year or two, but Denver has been getting more than its fair share of attention from the sector.  In addition to Integra’s investment, here’s a quick list:

There might be more, I think I’m forgetting one.  Apparently, the Denver market is really hopping.

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14 Comments So Far

  • Clevus says:

    Maybe because Highway and other nattering nabobs of negativism have left the area?

  • carlk says:

    How did Highway gain such wealth, power and influence?

    I’m also not a fan of the SOB, although he must have gotten something RIGHT in a BIG WAY over time! He sees happy resting with the rest of his farm animals out on the ranch!

    Quite frankly, I continue to marvel at the extreme pessimism even to the extent that, PHD’s are attempting to create a “gullibility index.” For a fix on this gullibility factor, ask Dave, the future CEO of LVLT!

    Not a bad idea in general, but it continues to compound the effects of false belief systems that, remnant ” telecom network owners,” even ones who envisioned, created and capitalized state of the art networks still standing tall and strong, might never reward their owners.

    I find this to be patently false, but “he who controls Wall Street’s pricing models,” makes the RULES, until they turn the pendulum the other way again, and stop taking DEPRESSION MEDICATIONS!

    If there’s one good thing to say about CEO, James Q. Crowe, he continues to talk about internet traffic today tied to (3)’s very large opportunity, not vastly different than when I heard him begin opining twelve years ago.

    Call me an “innumerate” because I still can’t figure out or count how many traffic bits will be used when the majority of the globe’s human experience into tomorrow, as a result of sufficient bandwidth, will travel over an internet BACKBONE?

    For now, fortunately, those few successful business stories that arose out of the depths of the dot com BOMB and corresponding BUST, certainly aren’t looking back, but they sure as hell don’t seem willing to pay for their INFRASTRUCTURE!

    All this back drop is occurring while some of the very things that were originally being predicted according to human trends, are occurring at lightening speed in real time.

    Without a doubt, this is a more lucrative investment environment to accumulate in.

    Ask, “THE HIGHWAYMAN!” 🙂

  • The_highwayman says:


    I think the answer is pretty simple really, Denver today is not the Denver of 20yrs ago…..the Denver of today is, in reality, a 7 county wide metroplex, that is overbuilding itself into a mini LA….We were back in the area last week and even in 2 years time, the place is awash in new residential and more importantly, commerical construction…add that to the sheer number of business’s relocating from CA and the east coast and you start seeing that the “Denver” area is now revenue rich and quickly becoming the new West Coast….there is not much open space anymore between the South Denver/Englewood/Parker corridor and CO Springs anymore…Castle Rock is becoming more than a bedroom community of the Denver Tech Center crowd, but now boasting large scale office parks of their own…. the Springs continues it’s own expansion towards Pueblo…go up north on I-25 or east towards Aurora and the same thing is happening…no more open space between Thornton and Ft. Collins, it’s all one gigantic mash of commerical and residential metroplex nonsense….Ft. Collins and Wellington, Greely and the surrounding weld county area’s are building out to the WY border….in short the whole damn South-North I-25 corridor from CO Springs to Cheyenne WY is starting merge….same east and west….

    that simply means more oppty for fiber companies and carriers…

    As for this wealthy, powerful, influential, nattering nabob of negativism, it’s simple…Denver is growing and expanding , and powerful west/east coast based biz is relocating which means more fiber is needed…

    that said, the infrastructure is not there to support it, the local highway system is overburdened, ROW’s are hard to obtain, etc….Going with aerial fiber is problematic at best and boring underground is damn near impossible in some spots….that and OSP construction is limited seasonly because of the weather…

    they have taken a very nice area and turned into a over populated, stress inducing, pretentious, metroplex, that will one day equal or even rival DFW, CHI, St. Louis, KCMO or LA itself….

  • The_highwayman says:

    oh BTW Clevus and Carl,

    Seems you both could learn the difference between being begative and a realist…

    and for you Carl,
    My Mother was not a bitch, so please refrain from ever calling me an SOB again…make it personal ll you like, leave my Mother out of it…

    I Would love to stick around and telecom ramble more, but the horses need water, the cows need grain and we need to pick the green beans, peppers, okra, cukes and tomatoes…the watermelons are about ready but…the cantalopes were incredible…

  • Frank A. Coluccio says:

    Speaking of a gullibility index, see Andrew Odlyzko’s recently published paper on the topic:

    Bubbles, gullibility, and other challenges for economics, psychology, sociology, and information sciences
    By Andrew Odlyzko | Aug 5, 2010

    Also see:

    Andrew Odlyzko Summarizes and Fleshes Out Internet Growth Myths:


    A later summary of comments he solicited

  • carlk says:

    So….buy watermelons off of The HighwayMAN? You know, reality is a bi-product of perception which changes like the weather pattern, a pattern which could make or break your watermelon crop sooner or later, depending upon luck or the Grace of God.

    There are way smarter men than me, possibly you, who saw this telecom implosion sufficiently in advance by properly tying together all of its complex, underlying technologies, relationships, and variables versus stupidly, gullibly and naively believing men in the business including Jim Crowe who probably knew better but out of necessity, propagated the dream.

    Kudos to you, if that’s who you are, or who you became. On the other hand, at some point, perception will turn my way, and that will be the NEW REALITY!

    Like the change of weather, you can count on that!

    As for SOB, from my “perspective,” it’s a universal term applicable to each and every one of us at one time or another! Nothing personal, including a phantom, HIGHWAYMAN, on some internet blog.

    I liken it to George Steinbrenner referring to his athletes during one period in the past as, “Boys.”

    Some didn’t like it nor take kindly to such a comment, especially if one was African American, as I recall.

    All I can say is, F em if they can’t take a joke!

  • The_highwayman says:

    I never said our watermelons were for sale…nope those are ours 🙂

    LVLT’s current and past failure was 100% preventable….

  • carlk says:

    That sounds like a prediction, highwayman.

    You’re on record. Since you’re way smarter than me, odds are 90:10 in your favor with a new CEO arriving very soon, and/or a SALE of this $25B internet infrastructure experiment and corresponding failure.

    I guess the Admiral just pissed his money down the drain too.

    “Bring it on!” Enjoy those watermelons and please refrain from spitting the pits in your neighbors’ back yards. 🙂

  • ES says:

    I am never quite sure what carl is talking about but I have heard the same thing re:new ceo.

    Can we get a Mark Hurd?

  • carlk says:

    Hmm, I thought (3) had enough of “skirt chasers” who previously cost their owners valuable cash before going on to becoming a potential competitor?

    Give me a man who Crowe listens to, one who incorporates “Jenny Craig diet plans”, including Dave Rusin or Dave Sokol if Mr. Buffett would give him up? imo

  • The_highwayman says:

    If Sokol was released and came to LVLT, it would be and only IMO…to sell it off…

    • Anonymous says:

      Dave Sokol to Level 3??? What kind of fantasy land do you Level 3 bag holders live in.

      • anon says:

        if i am correct, mr sokol ran net jets and runs mid america energy. like most or all buffet favs, these businesses earn money generally, and specifically in excess of their cost of capital. what would he do with level3wiltelbroadwingicgLPL ?

  • carlk says:

    My apologies. This thread was supposed to follow Integra’s growth news and corresponding success.

    I am no longer at liberty to discuss (3) with my partner in dichotomies, “The HIGHWAYMAN!”

    Robert, you’ve been letting your posters run amuck on this site, much out of your traditional “hosting” character, too.

    That phantom who SLAPPED Dan Rayburn off thread, probably because Dan was properly addressing the AKAM/BRIGHTCOVE hoopla news in more reasonable terms was, “OUT OF ORDER!”

    As a matter of fact, you’re all OUT OF ORDER!

    “And Justice For All!” Wouldn’t that be JUST! 🙂

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