XO Expands Presence in Seattle

July 13th, 2010 by · 7 Comments

It’s not often we hear about a metro fiber expansion from XO Holdings (news, filings).  Yesterday though, the company announced such an initiative in Seattle.  The company had about 200 miles of metro fiber in Seattle already, but has been seeing a growth in demand in areas adjacent to its current footprint.  Therefore they are adding a loop or two, in this case for connectivity to and around the northern suburbs of Everett, Kirkland and Bothell.

I do wonder about the quote in the PR from Mitzi Sachs of XO that starts with “At a time when many service providers are closing markets or scaling back operations”.  When it comes to metro fiber, I haven’t heard of too many operators closing markets or scaling back operations of late.  Expansion has been the rule, though I suppose there is regional variation.  Is Seattle that tough a market right now?

Nevertheless, it’s nice to hear something now and then from XO’s metro fiber, it’s their best asset.  Still waiting for XO to make some sort of decision about its cash position.  Are they going to raise some or not?

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7 Comments So Far

  • Anonymous says:

    XO trading for 60 cents!!!! Do you buy a can of coke or go with a share of XO?

    • Anonymous says:

      Come on! A can of coke is more than 60 cents!

      • Anonymous says:

        This company just needs to go away. It is the laughing stock of the telcom world. I’m debating on whether to buy a new tv for football season or use that money to take a 8% stake in XO.

  • Dave Rusin says:

    Sleepless in Seattle …

  • anonymous says:

    is xo still around ?

  • anonymous says:

    Anonymous, I think you said the same thing when the stock was trading at 20 cents. You should have picked some up then too as well.

  • anon says:

    actually, it is the other way around. when Rob’s “big thread” on XO ran (approx june 4th) this penny stock was a few pennies higher. but who cares… yahoo shows an avg of 32,000 shares traded a day, not the value of a used Ford Truck and the current bid/ask spread .67 to .67 is more than 10%. which makes this a very illiquid penny stock. most institutional buyers would have challenges buying it for these reasons. not to mention the fundamental reasons like: little or no operating income, ROA, ROE, etc.

    what i don’t get is why everyone cares so much about this one?? several clec’s are performing better, and some are worse. what’s the big deal with xo?

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