Level 3 Adds New York Depth

August 25th, 2016 by · 12 Comments

Level 3’s New York metro teams have been busy this summer.  Today they announced the completion of two new network expansions in Westchester County, just to the north of New York City. 

ScreenHunter_55 Aug. 25 08.37They have built out a 2.5 mile sub-loop connecting Tarrytown and Hawthorne, a surprisingly hilly section I just passed through earlier this week on the Saw Mill River Parkway.  Additionally they have also added a 5 mile sub-loop through Purchase, not far to the southeast.

In the map to the left, we’re talking about the yellow dot for White Plains, north of New York City, whereas red dots indicate markets where they have more extensive metro reach.  The two buildouts give Level 3 more route diversity in the Westchester County area, enabling them to better serve the enterprise market in the New York metro area generally.

We don’t often hear too much detail from Level 3 on its network expansion projects, especially at the metro level.  Hopefully this announcement shows they’ve come around to my point of view, which is that telling folks where you are building out fiber at a granular level is a way of letting them know you’re willing to get your hands dirty to win their business.

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12 Comments So Far

  • mhammett says:

    They also need to bring back a real network map.

    • Brent Neader says:

      Totally agree. Why did they take it away? I mean it wasn’t great as the zoom feature was very limited, and it didn’t show twtc fiber and wasn’t that updated, but at least it was something. If everyone did like Zayo with their map showing everything to the street level including existing and pending fiber that would be awesome.

  • Rob Powell says:

    I imagine it is hard to maintain. It sure would be nice to have again though.

    • mhammett says:

      Zayo does it. Windstream does it. Others do it. *shrugs*

      I have no problems wasting my time shaming networks that don’t post good maps every time they’re mentioned.

    • I disagree. says:

      LVLT’s systems aren’t integrated, so it’s difficult and time-consuming for them to create a real network map. They have back office systems dating back to acquisitions from 10-15 years ago that aren’t yet integrated. True story. Competing providers should enjoy a healthy premium over LVLT.

      • mhammett says:

        It’s time they got their shit together and got me a good map. I prefer KMZ or shapefile, but a street view with decent zoom works as well.

        I can’t buy it if I don’t know where it is and I am sure as hell not going to waste my time talking with anyone’s sales staff unless I’m plumb out of other options.

        • ?? says:

          wow, that’s a very grown-up viewpoint.

          • mhammett says:

            I know this site is dominated by sales drones, but the less I can interact with salespeople, the better.

            If they don’t want to, that’s fine. Plenty of others will and we’ll just build it ourselves where necessary.

            • Brent Neader says:

              Just because this is blunt doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

              Level3 example a few months back, we have a new site going into an area and start looking for options, they have metro in the city but no idea how close. Got with our rep and asked for a quote. Came back a while later saying they were like over 2 miles away, for our MRC budget obviously no way that works, and had i known that i wouldn’t even have bothered with them. They are barely competitive with on net builds and off-nets are useless. How much time was wasted, including mine, sales person, sales engineers, whoever else at level3?

              Zayo for example, we have a new site going in the north Dallas area. I go on their site, see they have a pending/future build right next to us (purple), so i start reaching out to them and see if their construction process and coincide with our needs. They may possibly get an extra building on net with revenue added to an already existing justified build out just because of them keeping their map updated.

              Pretty simple to see which way is better for everyone.

  • Peter Radizeski says:

    MH – we sales drones feel the same way about interacting with you, as I have painfully had to do.

    • mhammett says:


      For those that don’t know, Peter and I have known each other for a long time. Actually, I found this site due to Peter. We’re also an example of professional lives shouldn’t cross personal on social media when you’re very different politically. 😉

  • fiberguy69 says:

    take this off line please

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