Samsung Demonstrates 330Mbps WiMAX 2

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clwr is only partway through its initial nationwide rollout of mobile WiMAX, but we already have the next generation starting to make its own waves.  At CEATEC JAPAN today, UQ Communications and Samsung demonstrated a 330Mbps WiMAX 2 system based on the latter’s prototype.  And how do you demonstrate a 330Mbps mobile connection?  With Full-HD 3D video naturally, after all this *is* at a trade show.

The WiMAX 2 standard is expected to be finalized by this November, and Samsung plans to introduce commercial gear based on it by the end of 2011. According to various sources, one of the main upgrades to the original standard is simply raw bandwidth capability, much of which comes from a multichannel aspect.  In other words, to get the most of it you’re going to need lots of spectrum – which of course is something Clearwire does have.  The Samsung/UQ demonstration of 330Mbps is actually only about a third of the theoretical maximum proposed for WiMAX 2, but it’s still very very fast – more than fast enough for now.

It will also be backwards compatible with the current WiMAX standard, offering potentially inexpensive upgrade pathways.  Talk lately has been of Clearwire’s option of switching to LTE down the line somewhere.  I wonder where the WiMAX 2 standard will fit into that progression.

So how does one design backhaul from a wireless tower supporting 330Mbps WiMAX 2 connections?  More fiber please…

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