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January 24th, 2010 by · 1 Comment

Over the weekend I rolled out a new layout for the website.  Artistically there were some minor color changes, but the main differences revolve around the three boxes at the top.  Basically, the main menu bar was getting crowded and new visitors would have to dig quite hard to find things like the map collections and metro fiber list.  Here is a quick summary:

  • Ramblings’ Choice – this is a new feature that I hope people like.  Every day there is a deluge of PR and commentary that competes for our attention, much of it repeating the same material ad infinitum.  With Ramblings Choice I try to distill the best and most original material from the various trade magazines and blogs that I come across each day.
  • Resources – This is where the less time sensitive tools and information will go, i.e. the events calendar, maps, featured posts, financial models, and other research tools. There will be more features to come here.
  • Community – Regular readers of this blog number in the thousands now, and I’d like to get you guys talking to each other a bit more:  Jobs, Guest Posts, Polls, and Forums are here.

I have also expanded the ways you can keep up with the site.  In the subscription buttons you’ll find links to Telecom Rambling’s new Facebook page and to it’s new LinkedIn group.  For regular users of either site, I’m definitely looking for advice on how to improve each of those to make them more useful.

Also, if anything in the new layout is broken for you, please let me know.  Well, please hit ‘F5’ first to refresh and make sure you have the latest stylesheet and all.  I can’t possibly test with all browsers and operating systems, so I’m sure there will be a few ‘oops’ moments.

I’m still tweaking the layout, so let me know what you think!

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  • DaveRusin says:

    Rob: On things like this, you need to work with people like Martha Stewart … I am sure the right colors and draperies would work well.

    Assuming you don’t have anything against felons!


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