More Metro Fiber Maps: Atlanta, California

November 11th, 2009 by · 1 Comment

Following up on this weekend’s addition of metro fiber map resources to the website, I have added pages for the Atlanta Metro Area and for California.  Now one might think that perhaps the largest state in the country might merit more than one page, but for now it seems to work best this way as there actually aren’t all that many public maps available for metro fiber in California – that I know of anyway.  I’m sure I have forgotten a few, so do not hesitate to correct me.  Next up I will be looking at metro assets in Chicago and Florida.

I have also tweaked the format for all of these metro fiber map pages.  First, I have added a column “Lit/Dark” where each company can be characterized by the types of service they actually sell.  Thus we can distinguish pure dark fiber providers from those serving smaller pipes to office building tenants.  Second, I have added snapshot icons to each map link, in fact I am adding this to the longhaul maps as well.  Normally I find link preview snapshots annoying, but in this case I think it makes the page more functional since you don’t have to leave it unless you are sure you have found what you want, and it makes it easier for me to check for broken links as well.   However, I’m still open to suggestions on format and substance for this feature, so let me know what you think.

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