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April 18th, 2009 by · 1 Comment

Q1 earnings season starts in earnest next week of course, if we are lucky it will be a long parade of remarks that boil down to ‘Yes it was bad, but it wasn’t that bad!’  How’s that for setting the bar low?  It’s sitting on the ground so try not to trip over it ok guys?  🙂  In the meantime, here are a few tidbits I’ve been catching up on.

Fierce Telecom has been doing a nice job keeping up to date with the status of talks between AT&T and the CWA.  So far they’re still talking and proposals are still shifting, hopefully they will work something out.  I don’t think anyone really wants a strike.

Dan Rayburn noted thursday that more and more ISPs are not so high on letting CDNs place server caches in their networks.  There are probably two angles here.  The big ones want to run their own CDNs and cut out the middle man.  The smaller ones may just be looking at the dozens of CDNs out there and wondering why everyone needs to have the same gear in the same closet.

Over on Bear On Business, Dan Caruso has posted a nice, no nonsense series on value creation in telecom.  Sometimes we (ok, I) get so caught up in the stories and technologies that we risk losing track of whether value gets created or not, so it’s good to make sure we’re still anchored to the ground now and then.

And finally, in what may be the biggest ‘No shit, Sherlock’ moment of the week, apparently in Q1 VC funding sucked.  And what didn’t?  Ah well, Stacey Higgenbotham over on GigaOm has a nice article on it, regardless.

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  • Dan Caruso says:

    Thanks for the nice comment on my series. The series is a bit dry, but I think readers will find it to be very helpful. I believe a problem of big telecom is the lack of financial transparency and management accountability on where value is being created and where it is being destroyed.

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