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Following up on last week’s international network map compilation, I will now look at USA longhaul fiber networks.  The problem I ran into immediately was where to draw the line.  How extensive must the assets be to be on this list versus one of more local providers?  There are of course a limited number of truly national backbones, but there are others like Zayo Group (news, filings) and 360Networks with footprints that are more extensive than a local provider yet do not span the country.  In other cases, there are intercity footprints like those of TW Telecom (NASDAQ:TWTC, news, filings) and PAETEC (news, filings) which are partially based on fiber and partially on leased transport.

In the interests of making sure every network map eventually has a home on my site without requiring dozens of pages, I chose to set the bar as follows.  To be on this list, a network should be able to offer intercity transport between at least 5 states based on fiber it either owns or has long term IRUs for.  I do not attempt here to discern between different levels of asset ownership, i.e. from the conduit on up, nor do I rank anyone based on size or anything else.  This project is simply intended as an inclusive collection of links to maps.  The initial list I came up with is:

360Networks Interactive Map
Abovenet Network Maps
CenturyTel Network Map
Hibernia Atlantic Network Map
Integra Telecom Service Area
Intellifiber Network Map
ITC Deltacom Network Map
Kentucky Datalink Interactive
Level 3 Communications Interactive Map
Lightower Fiber map
PAETEC Network Map
Pinpoint Network Solutions National map
Qwest Interactive Map
RCN Metro Interactive Map
Savvis Service Areas
Sprint Nextel IP MPLS
TW Telecom IP Backbone
US Signal Network Map
XO Communications Transport IP
Zayo Bandwidth Google Earth PDF

For AT&T, Verizon Business, Global Crossing, and Cogent no US-specific network map has been located else they would be on this list, see the international maps page for those networks.

I have given this list of US longhaul fiber maps its own permanent page off of the menubar at the top of Telecom Ramblings under the More button.  While this post will drop off the main page in time, the permanent page will be maintained and updated with new and corrected links. If you have any suggestions or links I should include, please leave me a comment below.

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    bonsoir je suis Favor
    Je suis jeune de quarante-huit printemps j’assume totalement mon age .
    je fais un stage pour devenir scripte . Il est dit de moi que je suis un phénomène.

  • Bobby says:

    Has the changeover been that serious? I know in some areas it has, I found Zayo on my own, then I found this site and the article about the fiber lines but when I went to their links I got…nada…gave up after the first four or so

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