Zayo/Adesta: We Were Close!

September 16th, 2008 by · 4 Comments

Last week, when we heard that Zayo had made another deal for some conduit assets and fiber to cable landing stations but weren’t told who they were being bought from, readers of this blog quickly came up with the name Adesta.  Caruso eventually piped in and demurred, but with Zayo’s PR today it turns out we were really quite close.

So the owner of these assets was the Adesta Communications Secured Creditors Trust – an entity that came out of a bankruptcy a while back, and they were being operated by Adesta – presumably the corporate entity that emerged from the same bankruptcy?  Well I don’t know anything about that case, but congrats to my readers for correctly identifying the assets if not the specific owners.  I myself knew nothing of either without your help!  Congrats also to Zayo for digging up another set of assets buried since the bubble popped.

Now the question is, what does Zayo do with those Denver assets?  They do sound interesting, however if everyone else’s fiber is in those conduits as well then the routes aren’t exactly unique.  In and of themselves, I don’t see what Zayo fiber in those same conduits would bring to the Denver area that Level 3, TWTC, and Qwest don’t already provide – each having a substantial presence in the metro area, I’m sure AT&T and Verizon are there also.  To really enter the market in Denver, I would expect Zayo to add on some more muscle to the skeleton.  Are there other metro assets available in the Denver area?  I do seem to recall some old Enron longhaul IRU fiber still floating around out there that might link this market up with Washington etc, and there’s always 360networks (the final remains of Touch America) out there, but in terms of loose Colorado metro assets I’m drawing a blank so far.

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  • Dan Caruso says:

    We bought the assets out of bankruptcy. That is, the Creditors Trust never emerged from bankruptcy. Our purchase is one of the final steps to the bankruptcy being closed out.

    What will we do with them? My partner John Scarano wants to use them for a revolutionary renewable energy endeavor–spreading energy produced by windmills across the metropolitan Denver area.

    I am more of the mindset that we should pull a big fiber cable through the conduits, light up the carrier hotels and data centers, and sell bandwidth at half the going-rate.

    Perhaps your readers could help us decide.

  • Rob Powell says:

    Have you considered on-demand beer distribution?

    Better not give this board a choice on windmills versus fiber, I happen to know we’ve got quite a few alternate energy buffs around here.

  • Brian Scully says:

    Windmills versus fiber……VOD versus BOD…now that’s a choice.

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