Network Maps: Transpacific Cables


On this page I collect links to maps of transpacific cables.  To be on this list, a cable system should still be in service and should either connect either North or South America with either Asia or Australia/New Zealand or major islands in between.  It does not include intra-Asia/Australia/Oceania maps at this time.   I prefer to collect links to maps provided by the operator of the cable, but where necessary I am including links to maps on Wikipedia or from third parties.   As always, some operators have large interactive maps that include their entire international holdings, rather than a specific cable map. In those cases I point to the international maps page, but I would rather have a more specific link if it is available.  Because many operators use these cables, you can also obviously see these routes embedded in many international networking maps.

Company Maps
Asia America Gateway (AAG) Operator Map
C2C (See also Pacnet maps) Wikipedia Map
China-US Wikipedia Map
Japan-US Third Party Map
Pacific Crossing (PC-1, now owned by NTT) Operator Map
Southern Cross Cable System Operator Map
Unity (See also Pacnet, KDDI, Singtel maps) Third Party Map
TGN Pacific (See also Tata Communications map) Third Party Map
TPC-5 Partial via third party
Trans Pacific Express (TPE) Wikipedia Map

As always, this list is a work in progress and is meant to be inclusive. If you know of any cables that ought to be on this list, please send it me or just leave a comment below.

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