Metro Fiber Maps: Chicago Metro Area


A collection of metro fiber maps for the Chicago metropolitan area, which gets its own page due to its status as a major internet hub.  Actually though, there aren’t that many public maps out there for the region – at least that I have found so far.

Company Maps Lit/Dark Comments
Crown Castle Chicago Both
Level 3 Communications Chicago Both Google Maps interface, zoom in
Mirovia Networks Chicago Lit
Uniti Fiber Chicago Both
US Signal Chicago Area, Rockford Both Flash map: click on Chicago for detailed map.
Windstream Chicago Area Both
WOW! Businesss Chicago Area Lit KMZ
Zayo Chicago Area Both
Still seeking maps for the following known providers:
Atlantic Metro Lit
Cogent Lit On-net buildings tool
XO Both

Where possible, all links are to material offered on the websites of the company operating the fiber.  I prefer such links, but will sometimes host the files myself where the operator agrees, and in rare cases may point to third party sources.  Where available, links to on-net building lists are also given.

Additional maps of metro fiber networks that ought to be on this list are very welcome, as are corrections to the above links.  Please just leave a comment below or send an email to

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4 Comments So Far

  • netgear n600 says:

    Nice to know the actual coverage

  • Aldo Mysek says:

    Why isn’t fiber more readily available as opposed to the more dangerous 5G? It is a fact that Radio Frequency is harmful to humans & not just from heat thresholds. The telecomms have admitted to Congress that no studies have been undertaken to determine minimal harmful thresholds.

  • Alpo Yoursek says:

    Why can’t I say things without proving them? I enjoy wearing my tinfoil hat, thank you.

  • Zurgo says:

    Most of the map links don’t work or redirect to their main page. Could we get an updated version, please?

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