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June 10th, 2014  

Netflix Backs Off, But Its Message Was Delivered

June 6th, 2014  

Netflix Points a Finger, Verizon Protests

May 29th, 2014  

NTT Leverages Virtela to Take NFV Global

May 19th, 2014  

With Rackspace In Play, Cloud Hopefuls Gather, Room for One More?

May 19th, 2014  

AT&T Counters Comcast With DirecTV

May 13th, 2014  

AT&T and DirecTV? How, Umm, Exciting

April 17th, 2014  

Metro Roundup: Fibertech, Integra, Verizon, RCN, LightPath

April 14th, 2014  

Int’l Bytes: Equinix, PCCW, Vodafone, Telecom Italia

April 7th, 2014  

Fiber to 39.3% of Commercial Buildings, Not Too Shabby

March 31st, 2014  

AT&T: Who Needs Vodafone, There’s Stock to Buy Back!

March 25th, 2014  

Akamai Nabs Telefonica for Global CDN Alliance

March 21st, 2014  

The Struggle Over Interconnection and Peering Heats Up

February 25th, 2014  

Lumos Plans FTTC and Data Center Connectivity Offensives, Reports Q4

February 12th, 2014  

Euro Bytes: DE-CIX, Interxion, Colt, ACOnet, KPN

January 27th, 2014  

AT&T: No Vodafone Bid, For Now

December 17th, 2013  

AT&T Sends Connecticut to the Frontier

December 10th, 2013  

Has the FCC Grown a Pair on Special Access?

December 10th, 2013  

Verizon’s Edgecast Purchase Affects More than Akamai

December 9th, 2013  

M&A Surprise: Verizon to Buy EdgeCast?

December 6th, 2013  

Int’l Bytes: Globalcom, Colt, Verizon, Myanmar

November 19th, 2013  

Cloud M&A: CenturyLink Buys Tier 3

November 18th, 2013  

Teliasonera Adds Some Dark Fiber to its US Network

November 12th, 2013  

New growth centers demand financial reforms

October 21st, 2013  

Crown Castle Helps AT&T Monetize Some Towers

October 17th, 2013  

Verizon’s Q3 Helps Cheer the Markets

October 16th, 2013  

Unable to Satisfy the Dutch, América Móvil Cancels KPN Bid

October 10th, 2013  

AT&T Lights Fiber to 750 Florida Multi-tenant Buildings

October 10th, 2013  

CenturyLink Expands Its Gigabit Plans to Vegas

October 4th, 2013  

Int’l Bytes: BT, Orange Business, Hawaiki, EdgeCast

September 23rd, 2013  

Telecom on verge of a revolution

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