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October 7th, 2011  

Who Will Buy Akamai? Probably Nobody

October 7th, 2011  

Highwinds Charts a Federated Course

September 29th, 2011  

Akamai’s Other M&A Choice

September 14th, 2011  

EdgeCast Adds Transparent Caching

September 14th, 2011  

Pacnet Introduces EdgeCast-Powered CDN

September 8th, 2011  

Level 3 Streams for Prisa, Intros Managed SBCs

August 30th, 2011  

Limelight Sells EyeWonder to DG

August 17th, 2011  

Another Limelight/Level3 Possibility: Federation

August 16th, 2011  

Highwinds Intros Gaming-Focused CDN, Valve Signs On

August 15th, 2011  

Limelight and Level 3, Sitting In a Tree

August 15th, 2011  

RuTube Rides Level 3 CDN

August 11th, 2011  

Roundup 8/11: Pangaea, Telx, Limelight

August 1st, 2011  

M&A Journal: Who’s Buying Limelight?

July 27th, 2011  

Akamai Posts Inline Q2

July 22nd, 2011  

Friday Roundup: Integra, Sidera, Level 3, Interxion

July 19th, 2011  

Limelight Picks Up Middle Eastern Win

July 5th, 2011  

Netflix Plans Southern Offensive

June 28th, 2011  

Akamai Takes On Eastern Europe, Telcos Talking Federation

June 23rd, 2011  

Does AT&T Mean It This Time?

June 21st, 2011  

Akamai to License Its CDN Tech to Telcos?

June 15th, 2011  

Cotendo Makes Its Mobile Move, Gains Citrix and Juniper Backing

May 23rd, 2011  

Frogster Jumps On Level 3’s CDN

May 19th, 2011  

The Federated CDN Cometh

May 11th, 2011  

HBO GO Goes For Level 3

May 6th, 2011  

Friday Roundup 5-6: PAETEC, 360Networks, UPN, Level 3, LimeLight

May 3rd, 2011  

Limelight Acquires Clickability

April 27th, 2011  

Akamai’s First Quarter Beats, But Traders Unimpressed With Guidance

April 26th, 2011  

Level 3’s Vyvx Takes On Royal Wedding

April 12th, 2011  

In Other News: Telx, Unite, EdgeCast, Akamai

April 11th, 2011  

Cotendo Unveils Cloudlets, More Telco Alliances Coming?

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