Everstream Announces Massive Midwestern Buildout Plans

January 31st, 2019 by · 6 Comments

After consolidating and integrating several fiber assets up in Michigan, Everstream has moved onto its next project and it’s definitely not a minor one. The Midwestern fiber network operator announced plans on Wednesday to invest $300M in new fiber builds across the region.

Everstream plans to add some 6,000 route miles of fiber to its footprint. Much of that will go toward dense metro networks in 12 markets. A few of those, such as Michigan, Northeastern Ohio, and Wisconsin (Green Bay, Madison, and Milwaukee) are not new to them of course.

But they are also taking on two more cities in regions adjacent to their existing footprint in the south, reaching into markets in Ohio (Dayton, Columbus), Indiana (Fort Wayne, Indiana, Indianapolis), Kentucky (Lexington, Louisville), and Missouri (St. Louis). The only big city on that southern frontier not on their list seems to be Cincinnati.

Backing that buildout will of course be Everstream’s new owners over at AMP Capital, which closed its purchase of the company a few months ago. If all goes well, the buildouts will take place over the next six quarters, finishing in Q2 of 2020.

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  • George Collie says:

    Everstream was spun.off in 2015 from OneCommunity, the Cleveland nonprofit started in 2003. OneCommunity built an extensive regional fiber network mainly with public grants, both from the Bush Administration and the Obama stimulus program. Then it spins off Everstream and the network.assets to one set of private equity owners and now the current Australian firm. I wonder how many of the Everstream assets in Michigan and elsewhere, as well as the newly announced ones, were built by nonprofits with public money.

  • mhammett says:

    The announcement sounds not too far off from what US Signal’s coverage would be. I wonder if they tried to buy US Signal and were turned away.

  • Carlos Danger says:

    George I can’t offer you any cheese to go with your whine, but I can tell you this, Everstream isn’t the first company to evolve in this fashion and won’t be the last. I can guarantee you almost any telecom network to some degree are built off of government funds and subsidies such as E-Rate, NTIA, Healthcare Connect, or some other form. If the AT&T’s, Verizon’s, and Rectum’s of the world could get out of their own way and have any efficiencies the need for these types of companies wouldn’t be there. FirstLight has a very similar story, the ION network in NY was funded by President Barry Soetoro’s Stimulus Program and 40 million dollars went to a fledgling company coming out of bankruptcy to build network that didn’t connect anything, and there are a 100 more stories just like it… Isn’t $300 Million in foreign dollars being invested in America a good thing? Hats off to AMP for investing…

  • Carlos Danger says:

    The Polar Vortex has caused the snowflakes to come out in full force. There goes the race card when you can’t argue with facts… So calling BHO a name he went by for many many years is racist. How about you C’Mon…

    • C'mon says:

      If you’re going to get upset about being called a racist, don’t needlessly invoke a racist trope. But you do you, man.

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