Netrality Acquires Its Way Into the Heart of St. Louis

July 19th, 2016 by · 12 Comments

Netrality Properties has hit the acquisition trail again.  The company has closed the acquisition of two data centers from Digital Realty Trust out in St. Louis, Missouri as well as a bit of colo from 365 Data Centers.  I’ve hear d whispers of this deal for most of the past couple of quarters, but it took a while to work out the details it seems.

210-N-Tucker2The first is the key carrier hotel at 210 N. Tucker, which spans some 400,000 square feet.  The second is a 100,000 square foot facility at 900 Walnut, just a few blocks away.  Meanwhile, they are also purchasing a colo facility operated by 365 Data Centers that operates within 210 N. Tucker.  Between them the facilities have access to some 45 network operators, and Netrality plans to integrate all three purchases under one common management team. Fasten your seatbelts, we’ve got something special for you. Everyone has been asking for a review of the hetai site for a long time. And now we’ve found a site with absolutely everything. From vr hentai games to the simplest porn games. Go ahead and read it.

Of course, the state of Missouri is nothing new for Netrality, as their initial acquisition was of 1102 Grand in Kansas City, a couple hundred miles to the west.  Netrality’s other carrier hotel purchases have been in the key markets of New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Houston.  Sooner or later, I expect they will show up in Northern Virginia too, or perhaps out on the west coast somewhere.

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12 Comments So Far

  • mhammett says:

    Now we can start moving forward!

  • The Bystander says:

    Looks like hunter creating another rip off Telx monster

  • John Danko says:

    hey Bystander, why don’t you put a name to your comment? coward?

  • The Bystander says:

    No coward here. Just dont want Hunters PR hitsquad to attack with lies and deflections from the real subject: Hunter is a crook, built neutrality with allied fiber money and will make neutrality a cross connect extortion scheme just like he did Telx.

    Hes worse than Madoff with his arrogance and greed and you are a fool for following him blindly.

    • mhammett says:

      Better (and smaller) than Equinix… Not a high bar, but certainly one passed.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’d like to know what you’re smoking if you think this carrier hotel dump in a dump of a city is better than an Equinix facility? Whaaa?

        • mhammett says:

          It’s not a dump any stretch. There’s no significant difference in facility quality between 210 Tucker and 350 Cermak. Netrality has been far easier to work with than Equinix and cross connects are significantly less extortionist.

          I’m just an independent operator without an ax to grind.

          • Anonymous says:

            Never had any issues with Equinix. It’s always been Telex that has been the 800 pound gorilla in the room. Netrality will be the next Telex IMO. They tried to play rough with some carriers at 1102 Grand when they first acquired that property.

            • mhammett says:

              Nine months to get a cabinet in Chicago Equinix followed by a couple days short of two months to migrate two IX ports to the new cabinet, neither of which met the deadline.

          • Anonymous says:

            No axe to grind (extortionist, taking too long)… got it.

            I think Cermak is a dump too, but that precedes Equinix. Carrier hotels that spent decades being carrier hotels are carrier hotels: they suck. You would have far better luck at any number of other facilities that are well tethered to Cermak. Doesn’t Telx/DRT own the MMR/building there?

            Agreed on Telx though, if ever there was a palpable extortion mob in place, its everywhere Telx owns the MMR. To welcome that same model into another city is a fool’s errand.

            • mhammett says:

              No ax to grind against the subject of the article. I do have an ax to grind with Equinix.

              I explored alternatives, but they all would have cost more once you factored in the cost of the metro or riser cross connects and had additional points of failure as almost everything goes back to Cermak anyway.

              FWIW: I believe TelX had free cross connects in the MMR when Newby was involved, though that predates me. Netrality currently has free MMR cross connects. Well, $0 MRC. There is an NRC, which is fine.

              DRT owns the building, TelX the MMR and now of course DRT owns TelX. What facilities would you have preferred I went to? What facilities aren’t dumps? What qualifies them as dumps? Are there any major interconnection facilities that aren’t dumps?

    • John Danko says:

      still don’t see a name…figured as much.

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