UC M&A: Onvoy Acquires ANPI

June 20th, 2016 by · 17 Comments

There was more consolidation in the world of VoIP and UC last week that managed to slip past my nets.  Onvoy has signed an agreement to buy ANZ Communications, which is the parent company of ANPI.

ANPI-Network-Map-2016-0118ANPI specializes in providing voice solutions like long distance, tandem, SS7, VAP, and especially UCaaS to the RLEC community.  It has offices in Illinois, California, and over in India and operates a national IP/MPLS network.  Those services add some comprehensiveness to Onvoy’s portfolio.

Onvoy is no stranger to the RLEC community, as it started out serving such customers up in Minnesota before its acquisition and spinoff by Zayo.  Over the past year, Onvoy has acquired Broadvox and Layered, and gotten a new private equity owner itself in GTCR.  The acquisition of ANPI brings yet more scale to the table, rolling up a bit more of the voice infrastructure segment. Q Advisors helped facilitate the deal.

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17 Comments So Far

  • tim pete says:

    Onvoy purchase was a Fire Sale by ANPI. Revenue half of what they were only two years ago. Burned through cash like crazy trying to put together Channel and wholesale white label. Good bye to the channel, Onvoy has no need for it.

  • Anonymous says:

    Building a channel isn’t a bad idea necessarily … it unfortunately was the only hope to drive the success of an otherwise terribly unreliable product early on in ANPI’s existence. The leadership team was doing the best they could but in the end they could not outrun the market perception that while the product was interesting it was not very reliable. Also, didn’t help matters that the company was looking for a buyer very publicly …

  • Andi Cook says:

    Onvoy and ANPI are excited to work together in the near future. Both companies began by serving RLECs. We remain committed to this customer base and want to provide the communication infrastructure and solutions to enable their growth.

  • Anonymous says:

    Not one mention of the Agent Channel and how Onvoy plans to continue in the hosted/uc space with partners. As a Agent no chance I would move forward selling the product, the channel has been on life support for months.

  • Andi Cook says:

    Not ignoring the Agent Channel. There are many factors in play with respect to integration of our businesses. We appreciate you voicing concern and will provide information as it becomes available.

    • Anonymous says:

      Producing Agents don’t wait around to gauge a company’s long term commitment to the channel. Competitive space, and results haven’t been there on ANPI side for over year period with the high company turnover, poor management etc.

      • Anonymous says:


        • Joe CFO says:

          Layoff Day at ANPI ! Fire sale complete 120 million plus company 2014, sub 40million in under 2 years. white label only, no commitment to the Agent Channel going forward. Spent ton of money and no results, think residential wholesale is the answer, come on.

  • Joe CFO says:

    If he got a hit, it would be his First in 3 years. Press release out today, deal closed of course no financial info released. Who wants to put in writing ANPI purchased for .25 cents on the dollar, legacy revenue dropping like crazy and Hosted/UC revenue payback 3 years out on almost every deal.

  • Pistol Pete says:

    Agents ! Run Run away like Forrest Gump from this new company set up. Find new home for deals, the agent program at ANPI is dead. No reason for Onvoy to compete with carriers they provide DID’s to etc.

  • Anonymous says:

    Anyone know if Cromwell is going to stay on with Onvoy? XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX [Editor: Let’s keep it above board guys…]

  • Joebagofdonuts says:

    I can’t wait to read the book on how to turn a $120 Million dollar company into $60 million in less than 2 years. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX [Editor: Let’s keep it above board guys…]

  • Rob Powell says:

    Folks, speculation on the company is fine, personal attacks are definitely not. Let’s keep it civil in here, please!

  • Grant Lewis says:

    Does anyone know if the management team at ANPI will transition to ONVOY? If not who is going and who is not. I am curious to know how the organizational integration will occur and what the final structure will look like from a GTM execution perspective.

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