CloudFlare Moves Its DDoS In With EdgeConneX

August 24th, 2015 by · 1 Comment

More pieces of internet infrastructure are showing up out at the edge.  This week, the piece in question is security, with CloudFlare partnering up with EdgeConneX nationwide.

CloudFlare operates a quickly growing CDN, and you might expect that alone to bring them out to the edge in search of optimizing speed to eyeballs, and I’m sure that’s a significant piece of the puzzle.  But in this case, it seems the driving factor was the needs of the company’s parallel security portfolio.  CloudFlare is taking up space in EdgeConneX’s facilities in part to host pieces of its Distributed Denial of Service mitigation technology.

We’ve been hearing about DDoS attacks for long enough that it seems like it’d be old news.  But they are still one of the biggest security threats out there, and continue to evolve rapidly.  Last week Akamai said the number of DDoS attacks in Q2 doubled since the prior year with the biggest of them on the rise, while Level 3 warned the sector of yet another new vector that turns the Portmapper utility into a DDoS tool.

An interesting hint in the PR says “EdgeConneX … will soon be able to support CloudFlare on a global basis“, which suggests that the country’s US edge focus might be widening soon.  The company has been bringing its edge data centers on-net at a frenetic pace over the past year or two, adding data center space optimized to serve last mile aggregation points rather than the traditional carrier hotel clusters.

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  • Tim Hart says:

    I find this interesting considering EdgeconneX on their website make a big deal of stating that Akamai is present on all aspects of their footprint.
    Akamai is also part of a 500,000$ investment in EdgeconneX.

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