Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade Your Datacenter Interconnect

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This industry viewpoint and David Letterman tribute was authored by Fady Masoud, Senior Advisor, Product and Technology Marketing at Ciena.

Let’s face it – the importance of the data center in our everyday life has never been greater. As a culture, we expect on-demand, high quality and real-time access to content via a multitude of applications and devices. Since all that content lives in the data center, data center deployments are on the rise. In addition, the ability to effectively interconnect data centers – wherever they are located –is of strategic importance. At Ciena, we believe the performance of your network is only as good as the connection between your data centers. Whatever type of network you operate, it’s critical to make sure that connection is operating at peak performance. But if you need a little motivation, here is a list of reasons.

  1. Throwing your data DVDs to the sky is just not giving you the cloud data backup thrill you were expecting
  2. Despite the 50 espressos, your nightly data backup is still putting you asleep
  3. You decided to go missing-in-action after your last VM migration
  4. You’ve got corporate data stored in five different data centers throughout the metro, and it would be faster to take a cab to the data center to transport data than to send over your existing connection
  5. Your network manager camps out in the data center for a week when he needs to provision a new connection between data centers, when he could just use a mobile device to configure a modern solution
  6. You just can’t remember if megabit is bigger than terabit…hold on! And where is gigabit?
  7. Your data center power consumption bills are haunting you at night
  8. You start to call your kids with site IDs instead of their real names
  9. Your traffic patterns are changing as often as your cat’s mood swings
  10. Face it, you’ve always wanted to connect the scripts you developed to your networking gear but you’re afraid of others calling you “geek”

You’re investing in an open, programmable architecture, but your legacy data center connection is a cleverly linked matrix that can only be unraveled when Sherlock Holmes cracks the code.

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