Hosted PBX Features You May Not Have Known You Had

June 12th, 2015 by · 1 Comment

This Industry Viewpoint was authored by Chris Surdenik, CEO of Call One

A PBX system (Private Branch Exchange) is a private telephone system used within an organization. Today, hosted PBX systems allow more companies to take advantage of this communications system than ever before. However, you may not realize how many useful features a hosted PBX system includes. Once you consider these lesser known functions, you will quickly realize the value that hosted PBX could bring your organization. Check out a few of these and imagine the possibilities:

  • Automated Attendant: A voice menu system, or automated attendant, can make it much easier to transfer calls to the correct location without investing in additional labor or putting stress on your existing labor force. These attendant functions are easy to understand and user-friendly for the caller, too.
  • Smooth Implementation of BYOD: Bring your own device (BYOD) is a very popular option for organizations as well as employees. When you choose a hosted private branch exchange, you will find it is much easier to implement and maintain BYOD than with other telephone systems. If you have a combination of landlines, cell phones or VOIP lines, you can get all devices into the same system.
  • Email Integration: Since a PBX system utilizes Internet services to connect the phones to the system, you can integrate email into the platform with little effort. It will make it much easier for your staff to have easy access to their email accounts even when they are on the run. After all, email is used more today than ever before and serves as the backbone for business communication in many cases.
  • Simple Messaging: Users will not have to remain at their desks to listen to voice mail messages. Messages can be heard from nearly any device that is hooked up to the system. Messaging available anywhere saves time and money for the organization since employees will be able to work while on the go.

Hosted PBX systems are flexible.  Nothing matches hosted PBX when it comes to scalability, working with outside employees or remote workers. Additionally, a hosted system is secure.

Spend some time browsing the options available and you will likely find that the PBX system meets or exceeds the security features offered by any other system commonly available. When you put these benefits together with the lesser known functions mentioned above, you will quickly see that a hosted PBX system is worth a serious consideration when you are putting together a communications system for your organization.

Chris Surdenik is the CEO of Call One. Call One is a next-generation communications technology company. Chris has been with Call One since 1998 and under his leadership, Call One has seen tremendous growth and has continued to be an innovator in the telecommunications industry. 

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  • Jeff says:

    This is possibly the most uninformative article I have ever read. It is full of 4 features that are the most common in any hosted PBX system and why people move to hosted systems. Next time, maybe share something that is not common sense if you are going to write “industry viewpoints.”

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