Allied Fiber Marches Toward Atlanta

October 2nd, 2014 by · 6 Comments

With its Miami-Jacksonville infrastructure now in place, Allied Fiber says it is ready to finish up the rest of its southeastern route. Construction is now underway on the remaining pieces of their dark fiber buildout between Jacksonville and Atlanta.

Atlanta_jacksonville2Allied Fiber had already blown fiber through a 154 mile span between the Georgia cities of Macon and Valdosta. Now they are working on the other two segments — Atlanta/Macon and Valdosta/Jacksonville — to complete the path up to the key internet hub of Atlanta. Along the way they’ll be adding 5 more of their network neutral colo sites in the Georgia towns of Fargo, Hahira, Ashburn, Warner Robins, and Barnesville. They hope to be done with the expansion by mid-2015.

Allied Fiber’s unique network neutral, open-access, fully-integrated dark fiber and colo business model has taken a few years to get off the drawing board, but now seems to be gaining momentum.  Having infrastructure in place with customers lining up makes it much easier for the company to make its case for the funding of the next leg.

Once they have the southeastern segment in place, it will be interesting to see whether they return to the original NYC-Chicago-Ashburn plans or just build north or west from their southeastern beachhead.

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6 Comments So Far

  • anon says:

    marching toward atlanta is derogatory for most in the us historically

  • Richard says:

    Wow, save it for somewhere else hillbilly. “Most” in the us could care less.

    • JPW? says:

      I don’t find it derogatory, but for anyone who was awake in History class it does imply that when they get there, they’re going to burn it to the ground. Maybe they will though?

      • JPW? says:

        Actually in retrospect, Sherman’s march started in Atlanta and didn’t end there. So, if Allied is doing it in reverse, maybe they will build Atlanta up when they get there?

  • Anonymous says:

    Technically, it was Sherman’s “March to the Sea”, which people might perhaps get touchy about (?) , which started after Atlanta was destroyed , but before Scarlett vowed her family would never go hungry again.

    Or…something like that. History is hard.

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