Instart Logic Launches, Takes Aim at CDN Sector

June 14th, 2013 by · Leave a Comment

Yesterday saw a well-funded startup aim squarely at the content delivery space, looking to take on Akamai and its neighbors from a new angle. Instart Logic, with some $17M raised in April making $26M in all, has launched what it describes as a web application streaming network.

Instart Logic’s idea is to re-think how websites are delivered to eyeballs from the point of view of a mobile device and with the lessons of video streaming in mind. By combining globally distributed nodes with an initial ‘nanovisor’ download that makes smarter decisions about what to download when at the browser level, they say they manage to cut the time from initial click to interaction materially. It’s a cloud-client model that hopes to upend the status quo in website acceleration.

Web applications face conflicting demands right now: every second customers wait is money lost, yet to keep their attention requires more personalized, complicated capabilities. That means many minds will be looking for better ways to do things, and Instart Logic has the resources to give theirs some running room.

It’s hard to judge new approaches like this and separate the marketing from the actual implementation in terms of capabilities. And even if successful, the market will try to adjust. One way they might would be to see Instart Logic follow the Cotendo path, cashing out by selling to an established player.

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