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May 12th, 2013 by · 16 Comments

This past week marked the 5th birthday of Telecom Ramblings, which is about 4 years 11 months longer than I figured it would last when I started out. There’s been lots of water under the bridge since then in fiber, data, content, and voice. Startups, consolidation, growth, bankruptcies, net neutrality, and always traffic growth — I’m ready for 5 more.


But first I’d like to take a moment to thank everyone who’s taken the time to stop by and read, and maybe leave a comment or two … or a thousand like on that epic XO comment thread that is amazingly still alive. And of course, thank you to the companies and individuals out there that have placed banners here or posted job listings or otherwise helped pay the bills.

Are there any suggestions out ther for how Telecom Ramblings might best evolve from here? Should I spend less time on some topics and more on others? Should I add a forum?  Is there data I could compile that would be of use?  Should I ask CarlK to take over when I go away on vacation next time? Ok, never mind that last one. Seriously though, I’d welcome any feedback in the comments below.


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16 Comments So Far

  • Dan Caruso says:

    Rob, congratulations on your five years. You are doing a great job providing news and insight into our industry. Keep it up!!

  • Grant Lewis says:

    Congratulations. Here’s to another 5 years!

  • schmuckinsurance says:

    Rob – a sincere congratulations. I think your articles are wonderful. I think the comments are great especially their breadth of insight. If it was possible to allow an optional login where I could ignore carlk and ABC, I would find more value in the lower noise level.

  • Ben Edmond says:

    Congrats Rob. One of the my favorite reads. You continue to deliver great information and commentary. I look forward to the next 5 years.

  • Rob Houghton says:

    Congrats Rob on creating one of the ‘required reading’ blogs in global telecoms. Best of luck for the next 5.

  • Tim Dawson says:

    Rob, congratulations on almost 5 years and here’s to 5 more. This is a good read and I’ve passed it on to many. I plan on continuing to be an ambassador for your Ramblings.

  • Fibermancer says:

    I started reading a little over 2 years ago, and it’s been informative and fun to read. And now, it’s gotten me my latest telecom job, thanks to the Job Board. I can’t thank you enough for having and maintaining this valuable resource. Keep up the amazing work!

  • Rob – congratulations on five years. Read you every day and look forward to your witty insights. Well done!

  • Burke Morton says:

    Awesome job over the last 5 years, you’re my first read every morning and you’ve brought tremendous clarity to a complex business. Thanks for being here!!

  • Reid Fishler says:

    Congrats on 5 years of reporting dedicated to our industry. There isn’t any other site I go to first thing in the morning to check on news.

  • TE says:

    Rob – do what you do!
    keep moving forward.

  • Jason Adkins says:

    Rob congrats. Keep up the good work. I come for the news and the great comedy also.

  • Charlotte says:

    It is a great website very go insight, many thanks

  • mhammett says:

    You know I want to see more WISP stuff, but I know how hard that is.

  • Clint says:

    Congrats Rob. You’ve put a very informative and worthwhile site together. It’s a go to for me everyday. Keep it up:-)

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