Touring the European Fiber Landscape: UK & Ireland

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There has been more and more talk lately about the potential for consolidation among European networks, and not just from me.  But it is my feeling that the sense of the assets out there is narrowly focused on the incumbents and on the wireless/spectrum side of things, and that for fiber we don’t really have a feel for who the players would be beyond a few names that get mentioned over and over.  So I went out and hunted through my own maps collection and elsewhere to try to assemble a wider, more visual look at the various network assets across Europe – and it was much too big.  So I’m starting off in the British Isles only:

BT Ireland Wholesale

British Telecom

City Fibre Holdings

City Fibre Holdings

TRImage134 130304 01.54


TRImage128 130304 01.42


TRImage131 130304 01.47


TRImage148 130304 02.50


TRImage163 130305 06.44


TRImage132 130304 01.49

ESB Telecoms

TRImage136 130304 02.00


TRImage137 130304 02.05


TRImage135 130304 01.58


Geo UK Network Map


TRImage145 130304 02.37

Hibernia Networks

TRImage146 130304 02.42


TRImage138 130304 02.07


TRImage143 130304 02.34

KPN Global


Level 3 Communications

TRImage139 130304 02.12

Sea Fibre Networks

SSE Telecoms

SSE Telecoms

TRImage151 130304 02.59

Sprint Nextel

TRImage140 130304 02.16

Surf Telecoms

TRImage161 130305 06.43

TRImage162 130305 06.44

Teliasonera IC

TRImage152 130304 03.11

Verizon Business

TRImage124 130304 01.28

Virgin Media

TRImage142 130304 02.22


TRImage149 130304 02.52

VTL Wavenet

TRImage147 130304 02.46


Yep, there are enough that I was able to come up with two dozen without even really trying, and I’ll add any others folks may come up with if they leave a comment below.  Of course, some of these are kind of minimal representations, e.g. British Telecom and Verizon Business.  Plenty of other networks maintain a node in London of course, but here I tried to include only networks with either actual fiber infrastructure or network assets that covered more than 2 markets and territory other than London.  In a few cases that’s still minimal, but still.

The networks here operate assets at many levels: regional, metro and longhaul; dark fiber, transport, IP, and Ethernet – but generally not all of them.  There are some others out there of course, which I may have either forgotten or not found a map to use.  Each pic here is linked to the full size map on the company’s page if I have one.

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