Anova Brings Microwave Longhaul to DC/NJ

March 20th, 2013 by · 4 Comments

Today Anova Technologies announced the acquisition of a new microwave-based low latency service terminating at the NASDAQ at 1400 Federal in Carteret, New Jersey.  But it’s the other endpoint that’s what’s different: the carrier hotel in downtown Washington DC at 1275 K Street.

As wireless doesn’t need to follow train tracks or highways, Anova’s new route is able to make the trip only 2.1 kilometers longer than the shortest possible ‘great circle’. That plus the fact that light travels faster in air than it does in fiber gives them a pretty unassailable position on top of the NYC/DC latency hill.

The followup question is of course ‘what NYC/DC latency hill?’ as there aren’t too many financial exchanges down in DC. But Anova isn’t targeting high frequency trading, but rather news origination – which Washington DC is pretty good at. And getting the skinny on items like CPI, housing and unemployment data first can mean a lot in the markets even if it doesn’t happen every few milliseconds.

Could this be the start of a new trend?  Maybe DC/Chicago is next?  Or first a DC/Mahwah route perhaps…


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