Integra Rebrands, Drops the Telecom

February 27th, 2013 by · 5 Comments

It’s been a busy week for the folks at Integra Telecom, or I should say simply “Integra”, since that’s the way they’ll be introducing themselves from here on out. Following up the successful refinancing of its debt announced yesterday, the western regional network operator has unveiled an updated brand, complete with a new logo, tagline, and the name it goes to market with.

NEW_Integra_logo_4CThis has been in the works for some time, and a commenter here asked the other day whether rebranding works. I’d say that it depends on what the goal is. I think it can be effective when there is an underlying internal transformation going on, giving it a public voice and directing the attention generated toward something that is indeed different than before. In other words, rebranding the same old stuff doesn’t fool many, but rebranding when there is new stuff that most folks may not yet be aware of is something different.

For Integra, the new look from marketing does coincide with that sort of internal transformation.  At Ramblings we have of course been watching the company spend the last year or two shifting from a traditional CLEC business to something with a much higher fiber diet and a more sophisticated product set aimed at new types of customers.  They are clearly looking to emerge from the cocoon this year, metaphorically speaking.

Removing the ‘Telecom’ from a service providers’ go-to-market name is something we’re seeing more of as the industry’s focus shifts further from the voice and copper the word is still associated with. But Integra is a serviceable enough name, so at least we don’t have to start remembering a new edgy non-word like we often get with start-ups and the like!

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5 Comments So Far

  • Anonymous says:

    You can put lip stick on a pig! Just saying.

  • Anonymous says:

    Polishing the turd
    ( (
    ) ) _ _ _
    ) ___888b__
    _d888888888b (
    ( ___d888888888888_ )
    ) d88888888888888888b (
    ( d8888888888888888888__

  • Anonymous says:

    Not that post deserves a comment but

    $600,000 Million in Revenue
    Free cash Flow Positive
    Growing Ebitda margins
    Unique/desirable Metro Fiber Assets in Northwest
    New Leadership in nearly every significant position in Company
    New Investors with apparent desire for growth
    Refinanced Debt allowing for additional liquidty

    Is this all a story and lipstick or are the facts aligned for a sustainable growth model.

    • Old Timer says:

      The Pig and The Turd has already replied. I have been doing this for 30+ years, it’s amazing how jealous, and obviously, non-successful people always have such disparaging remarks to say. My previous organization, told me 10 years ago, Integra would be out of business in a year. They were wrong then, and people are stupid now. This turn around was planned and done precisely, and intelligently by new management and new investors. XO screwed their employees and their investors 12 years ago when they went bankrupt, and they came out smelling like a rose. Integra doesn’t have to do that. I can tell you, it’s a great place to work and a better place to beat competitors that think they are high and mighty. I like to show em how low, and vapid they really are.

  • Fancy Pants says:

    while small, they seem pretty solid to me, not sure where the lipstick comes in.

    now queue KarlC telling us all how it compares to M&A blah blah blah Level3 blah blah wrong street blah blah STFU.

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