Earthlink Layoffs Reflect Ongoing Shift

January 16th, 2013 by · 73 Comments

According to an article by Kelly Teal over at Channel Partners Online, Earthlink laid off 495 employees last week. That’s not a minor number of course, as according to its earnings release the company ended Q3 with 3,264 employees and this RIF would therefore be about a 15% haircut.

The cuts seem to come primarily from the traditional CLEC businesses they acquired two years ago now – Deltacom and One Communications. They have spent that time working to shift their overall business model to one of a cloud-based IT services provider serving multi-site customers. The network assets and the existing customer relationships they acquired underly those plans, but the company has been quite clear that they had no intention of being a super-CLEC. Thus something like this was inevitable, not that it makes it any less painful for those involved.

Channel Partners suggests that what Earthlink is doing is offloading much of the direct sales and support for the more traditional integrated T1 side of the business to the channel. They clearly want to focus their efforts on building profitable processes for the new stuff rather than managing the old.  That does sound likely and the increased revenue opportunities will certainly make agents happy, and perhaps will simultaneously give them a stake in the rest of Earthlink’s IT services transformation.

Earthlink is still looking for the inflection point where growth of its newer services and capabilities fully offset the steady churn of legacy customers and products. That the RIF is 15% all at once suggests that plans shifted rather suddenly, perhaps reflecting a growing level of impatience with the pace of the transformation.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Positioning for sale.

      • Grant Lewis says:

        Windstream would be an obvious acquirer. The paetec acquisition gave them a decent pickup but a shell of an IT / Cloud business. Given the speed and motion put into place by the folks leading the cloud division and the support by the BOD its clear the Cloud engine is the prime growth engine for EarthLink.

  • bebbers says:


    • I think it’s too much managed services, voice, and non-fiber connectivity for Zayo. Perhaps Windstream or even XO would be the better fit. But my feeling is that Earthlink is still a year or two away from the auction block, Rolla Huff will be trying to prove the concept first.

  • Your Guess says:

    It appears the board is quite nervous and applying significant pressure on him to prove the model conceptually and financially. The acquisition machine has been mothballed.
    Prinzi and Wetzel are no longer there b/c they couldn’t swallow the cool aid. Difficult transition to accomplish and not convinced the org structure or the talent pool will get to a happy ending,maybe.

  • Seriously says:

    Seriously? EarthLink an IT Services company? You are obviously now aware that EarthLink billed out about a measly $18mil for IT services. That mostly comes from legacy companies. Last year only $700k in new billable IT services were added. A very sharp decline from what the legacy company was posting with only 11 sales person force. EarthLink had almost a 700 person sales force and could not come close to the 11 person legacy company sales team.

    It is true that a few IT higher ups came over from XO. Problem is they sold network, not IT. Many new hires have no mention IT on their resume, nor have they ever sold a server or stepped into a data center. For example, one IT product manager comes from the clothing industry, but drinks wine with a certain VP. Place is stacked for doom, channel or not.

    The Channel sold about $19k in IT services last year. For EarthLink.

  • Anonymous says:

    Toplisek needs to recruit funky to make a real run at it. And his boy Scott cammo

  • Ray Finkel says:

    As an agent I’d say their is lots of confusion as to what they want to be when they grow up as a company. LOTS of back office issues with their systems all getting integrated into 1 system from several legacy companies. I had little confidence in One Communications before and even less with EarthLink. With every move in M&A our support has suffered, I am glad that I have a few connections and do not have to call on the support like the retail customers have to. Take a look as glassdoor and get a pulse for what is going on at the company. I will give them a year and they will be back in the M&A pool or spin off assets.

    • Anonymous says:

      As an agent why haven’t you asked for Sherri “Pyscho” Turpin to be fired. She’s a piece of SH%6. Total moron. Total idiot. Bad for customers. Bad for Earthlink.

  • fred says:

    Can somebody explain to me why Earthlink bought 2 CLECS if they want to be an IT and cloud services company. It seems to me that they could have done that without buying 1com or deltacom.

  • Seriously? says:

    They originally purchased the CLECs for the MPLS / Data center integration but since scrapped that idea. Careful when Earthlink mentioned data centers. They only have 2 in buildings they lease. One in Rochester and the other in Mass. The one in Mass they have abandoned. Leaving the one in Rochester. They claim to have on in Atlanta and South Carolina, but that is pretty much a lie. They also put out press releases that they are expanding their data centers nationwide. That is a stretch if the truth as they are just leasing cabinets from Equinox, nationwide.

    It is a model to fail. Had a good starting idea, but upper management has changed three times in the past year. All replaced with less and less knowledgeable people in the industry.

    They just hired 26 heavy hitter Solution Engineers last Nov/Oct to reinforce their IT stance. Even made a huge press release stating such. This past layoff round they laid them all off. Some only with a month in. Makes you wonder who is making these crazy decisions.

    • Anonymous says:

      In reference to the statement that EarthLink is lying when they state they have data centers in Atlanta and South Carolina I am not sure how that assumption came to be as a sales individual I have stepped foot in both of these data centers and know for a fact they are real.

      • Anonymous says:

        Earthlink most certainly does have data center capabilities in Rochester (NY), Marlborough (MA), Atlanta (GA), Columbia (SC). They are extending their capabilities to Chicago, Dallas, SJ, etc.

    • Anonymous says:

      Obviously a disgruntled ex-employee. Clearly your being fired was done appropriately. Nothing above is even close to accurate except for partnership discussions.

  • Anonymous says:

    Earthlink announced during the 3rd quarter call they were partnering with existing providers to expand their IT services capabilities rather than invest significant capital to own the facility. You call that a lie, we call it prudent and pragmatic in the investment community. Whether or not they are successful is going to be measure not in 1 quarter but several quarters and certainly on how sales, revenue and ebitda results look.

    • fred says:

      The problem is with the purchase of the 2 CLECs they are a facility based company. That is why it makes no sense to me to drop all things facility based which is what they are doing.

  • fred says:

    Still waiting for someone to explain why they purchased the CLECs. It seems to me that the most likely outcome for the CLEC portions of the company is that they will be sold off in pieces.

    • Anonymous says:

      Fiber assets.

    • Peter Radizeski says:

      They bought Deltacom at a cost savings. Dial-up and other uses were able to move On-Net from off-net. ONE Comm was a deal to get in the Northeast. Turned out to be a rat’s nest. It does give the fiber to connect data centers and the ability to sell MPLS to Cloud customers, which was probably the idea.

  • George S says:

    I find this thread funny. Riddled with truths and half truths. Clearly from disgruntled employees and management trying to protect the interests of the company.

    To clarify a few points above.

    1) Earthlink does have Datacenters in Colombia and Atlanta, but they serve legacy services and will not be integrated Earthlink’s next Gen platform. Colombia was part of a very poor acquisition made early on as EL was starting to move into the IT space, and the Datacenter there is host to only a few clients. Atlanta hosts Earthlinks legacy switching gear but no IT services. Plans were scratched to add the Next Gen platform at Atlanta due to a legal matter with the Datacenter lessor. The decision was made to move the Next Gen from Atlanta to Miami (only god knows why someone would put critical IT assets in a hurricane prone location).

    2) 26 heavy hitter solution engineers… lol. These guys were hired by directors that have no IT experience and couldn’t design their way out of a box. At best there are only 3 or 4 field solution engineers that really understand how to design and present solutions to customers. 90% of the IT services revenue for 2012 were driven by a very small (highly skilled) (I think less than 4 people) team located in Rochester.

    3) The failure of EarthLink IT is going to depend on product offering and delivery. Right now this is a big problem internally. Mid-2012 EL decided to let Internal IT start taking over the responsibility of design and integration of the Next Gen cloud stack. Keep in mind INTERNAL IT with no experience as in MSP services, and absolutely no focus on the end customer.

    The Next Gen stack was designed by internal IT leveraging a Flexpod infrastructure, using WWT as a partner. Although technically a sound decision if properly spec’d, but it wasn’t and EL is now trying to band aid major performance problems before allowing customers to go live on the new platform. Its actually a running joke among the original and core MSP team. Who the heck asks internal IT to run a MSP given that internal IT cant even manage the company infrastructure properly.

    4) RIF – I think a lot of dead weight was cut and should be viewed as a positive. Toplisek at the core is a sales leader, his side kick H the henchman. At times it feels if you aren’t XO alum then you have no business in management at earthlink. Something that H clearly exudes.

    There were too many non-performers and used-car salesman in the field. It was the most unprofessional and desperate sales organization I’ve ever experienced. Hopefully the RIF was a step in a new direction. Only time will tell.

    5) Hopefully move up market. Earthlink is trying to reinvent itself. This doesnt happen over night. At the same time they need to make shareholders happy. Not an easy task. Historically EL has focused on the sub $1k a month business customer in the telcom space. One would only hope they try to move up market and get away from the small dollar amount deals.

    6) Shifting management from the consumer side to the business side with no IT experience is proving to be a challenge. They just dont understand the B2B environment and how to apply IT in a MSP fashion to provide customers what they need.

    7) 2013 is the year to prove to investors that EL can transform itself while meeting EBITDA expectations. If they cannot prove this and continue to burn through cash, they will setup as an easy acquisition target.

  • Your Guess says:

    Get your bets down now, ELNK will be sold at a discount this year. The talent to pull this transformation off successfully does not exist within the company nor is their CEO willing to hire pro’s that have the experience and will challenge him. He has never lead a services company in his career that even comes close to what he is trying to create. He loves deals not details and the board has stopped the deals and is pressing him on the details. 2013 will definitely be a year of transition i.e. to a new owner.

  • Anonymous says:

    Having worked for EarthLink I can honestly say it was the worst company I ever spent time at. It was disorganized, unfriendly, and even sometimes hostile work environment. I stuck it out for 3 months then made for the hills. Glad I did.

  • Anonymous says:

    George has it right.

    Company is loaded with TOP heavy new top directors and VPs who have no place in IT. Read zero experience. All XO flunkies with used car salesmanship mentalities. They could not run XO as a CLEC so let’s hire them as IT Directors. Comical.

    Toplisek and H have never been in any type of data center, until two months after being employed at Earthlink. I have personally witnessed H ask “What does EMC do” on a conference call.

    Earthlink does advertise to its customers through web and literature that it has 8 data centers all connected by a 10gig fiber. Nothing could be further from the truth. Atlanta and SC are not real data centers. Atalanta has a 5e switch in it , and SC has two customers in the data center. Neither is connected to any 10gb network. Marlborough ma and Rochester NY do have a 1gb connection between the two, but not the 10gb they advertise.

    Also correct is that Earthlink is advertising to customers that they own 8 data centers. Even though they own none. Marlborough is in a leased building which they are about to be evicted. Rochester is in a building owned and leased by a legacy company owner that is about to evict EarthLink for non-payment. Columbia is a data center that has two customers currently in it. Atlanta is not a data center really at all. The other claimed data centers are just cabinets rented from Equinox.
    Current sales force cannot sell into Atlanta or Columbia because they do not really exist. Selling into Marlborough or Rochester is not really possible as they are over burdened.

    H fired a ton of IT people when he came on board because with his vast clec experience at a bankrupt clec company with zero IT, he knew what was best. So he hired the new 25 IT sales folk at $200k plus OTE , only to fire them two months later. At his directive.

    George is correct with the Gen 2 Platform as well. A complete joke!!!!!!! It was created by the IT department of a failing clec and not a real MSP group. It was announced to go live the first of the year and ready to be sold, but now is slated for Q3. $114mil of gear in place, but configured incorrectly now sits in ruins until Q3.

    BTW the clothing designer mentioned above is now the data center product manager who sleeps with about everyone to get where she is at.

    Good luck Rolla.

    Talented people are bailing left and right even after the layoffs.

    • Very Happy EarthLink Employee says:

      HAHAHAH stop being so bitter, get over it. There are a lot of happy employees here at EarthLink. We got rid of a lot of TRASH and surprise surprise…..criminals who wre gaming the system and taking advantage of all of the system migrations and restructures. All of them are now at CLECs or other wanna be competitors. Maybe that is who is behind the nasty blogs? Perhaps.

    • IgnorantDisgruntledIndividual says:

      Wow…I mean, really wow… you seem well informed. Impressive.
      Sounds like you’re an I.T. services pro? I’m assuming you have an extensive background in software engineering, worked in an I.T. services shop for a leading I.T. fortune 51 company, worked your way up from a frontline engineer configuring security on a global MPLS/VPN to an I.T. Director that was responsible for establishing a Unified Communication services vision with grounded roadmap in 2005 before the term Unified Communications became industry buzz? Then I bet you went on to establish the groundwork for the complete transformation of a 400+ truly global I.T. shop that eventually become one of the industry leaders in integrating its already market competitive SIP service to Microsoft Lync ? On top of that, you became a well-respected solutions engineering leader that was directly responsible for helping to land fortune 100 and 50 marque accounts specifically because of the trust C level leaders for those customers had in your depth and scope of technical expertise as well as the credibility and trust you brought to the table? You have this sort of experience right? I’d expect so the way your pounding pundit on H… Of course, what I just described was just a small portion of H’s background and capability as it relates to I.T. services but I’m sure you already knew that since you’ve worked across the aisle from him for a number of years, right?
      Bar none, H is one of the most brilliant engineers and leaders with an untarnished track record of ethical and moral behavior. People who have worked for and with H will tell you first hand that he is one of the best managers and leaders they have ever had the privilege to work for or with.
      Didn’t Toplisek help launch XO’s cloud service? From what I’ve heard Toplisk was one of the key leaders at both XO and Global Crossing responsible for landing and retaining some marque accounts. Sounds like the type of sales leader any company would die to have. Last time I checked, at an executive level you don’t discuss server configuration or rack space but instead focus on the important nuances of the customer / vendor relationship at a C level so I would expect Toplisek must have a deep rolodex with superior customer relationship skills… so again, sounds like someone I’d want in my corner when trying to transform a business.

    • Jacqueline T. says:

      Just ran across this. Mr. Anonymous 1-25-13, aka “Seriously 1-17-13”, who are no doubt the same person, you need to move on buddy. You know what your comments sound like? Like this: “Mikey and Tommy, they brought a soccer ball to the playground, and they wouldn’t let me play with it. So now I’m mad and I’m going to tell everyone that they are mean, and that they pushed me down, and that they stole my lunch box. And then, and then, there’s this girl, and she wouldn’t let me touch her pigtails, so I’m going to tell everyone that she is playing in the sandbox with all the boys in school. And then, and then, they said they were going to build a big field for us to play soccer in, but really what they did was just moved the soccer field to the other side of the school. That sucks because I think they lied. And then, and then, the principal put me in detention.”

      Honestly you sound like a child. From everything else I’ve read, you appear to be mistaken in your roll up of the company. You pick 4 people out of, what 3000, to call out with slanderous statements and false accusations? Sounds to me like you may have been one of the lay-offs and you feel slighted, but my guess is you probably were not performing to standards and don’t know a thing about the industry.

      MOVE ON. Telecom jobs are a dime a dozen. Everything that I’ve read about the company proves that your summation of it is incorrect. I actually feel sorry for the next company that chooses to hire you – God forbid they lay you off too. SMDH

  • BND says:

    I am going to attempt to set the record straight on the two individuals that have garnered much of the attention on this thread. I have known Michael Toplisek and TH for 10+ years and they are very professional and easy to work with.

    Changes MUST be made at EarthLink, in order to meet the new goals and objectives that have been put forth. Yes, the company has many people that have worked there for years, and even many that were there when it was selling dial-up Internet. These are the people that have the problem, not Toplisek and H. They were hired to come in and change the culture and direction. We live in America, if you don’t like something, get off your lazy ass and find a new position that will allow you to stay in your comfort zone… Selling dial-up Internet.

    Toplisek and H are GREAT leaders and will get the job done! I have never seen them treat ANYONE unfairly, or unProfessional, EVER.

    This board is NOT doing anyone or any company any good by being a place to slam and try to discredit people, for doing their job and for doing it he right way.

    Thank you for allowing me to set he record straight. EarthLink will turn around and reach their new aspirations, and Mike and Tom are exactly the people to make this happen.

  • FRG says:

    I have been reading this trail since day one and I find it quite comical. Having both worked at XO and Earthlink, several comments are not really correct but most are spot on. Whats really interesting? that last few comments about Toplisek and his cronie H. Its appears they went on the defense. They are both full of shit. Toplisek came on board and promised the world. Delivery-zilch. Boy, does he have Huff fooled. Toplisek started XO cloud? really? where is it? how long was he there? 3 months? yeah, thats impressive. H? what a joke. What is he good at? announcing to everyone that he is MR. VP and he is awesome. Most people at EarthLink are not even worthy enough to enter his office. Why doesnt someone look at the reason they left XO? hmmm, maybe 400k they rang up in expenses at Madison Sq. Garden over a period of time? Now they hire this joker Olen Scott? what a mess he is. He did nothing at XO and will contribute nothing at EarthLink other than a few bar tabs Toplisek will approve (as long as he is there boozing with him)
    To set the record straight on the datacenters, EarthLink leases Rochester DC from the former CEO of Logical Solutions. 99% of all support and cloud customers ran out of there. Mostly good guys but hands are now tied behind their backs as you have a bunch of clown telecom engineers calling the shots. Never mind the knowing how to run an MSP operation. ATL is a legacy center for EarthLink. No cloud, no colo. The so called new datacenter expansion is a joke. EarthLink leased a few cabinets in Dallas, Miami (smart) San Jose, and Chicago from Equinox. They are going to employee Next Gen which is a joke in itself. All the decisions on platforms were decided from legacy IT staff that cant even run EarthLink’s 2003 Exchange environment. Ask someone about the NetApp performance and latency. I have less on my free EarthLink dial-up account.

    All of the entire sales over the past 12 months have essentially been closed by a few strong guys up in Rochester that know the product and the legacy companies. One just resigned, One was let go with the reorg and the few that are still around, give them a month or 2 and they will be gone. The company decided to hire high pay, heavy hitters a few months ago to duplicate these guys. That didnt work and they fired all of them already. What a joke. The 3 regional directors they hired to manage these guys were even a bigger joke. Mario Brown? please. The guy was a network sales guy at XO. All of a sudden he is qualified to direct a region of cloud engineers? Great pick Toplisek. That guy could barely manage his calendar let alone people. How about Kevin Deridder? a joke as well. That guy has to look up in a dictionary the definition of the cloud. Yeah, he is qualified.
    Rolla and his new cronies will run this place into the ground. Look at the track records guys. What happened at Global Crossing? Bankrupt. MPower? Bankrupt. XO? ruined. Bankruptcy coming. EarthLink????

  • Anonymous says:

    Idiot following idiot

  • fred says:

    I was informed that another layoff happened this morning. No word on total numbers yet.

  • Earthlink doomed says:

    I just heard that too, but thought the second round was going to hit in March. I heard it was going to hit the south east section, direct sales???? not sure.

  • Grant Lewis says:

    Despite the negativity i see on this post i did find this today which is quite interesting:

    EarthLink Ranks #1 on MSPmentor’s List of Top Managed Service Providers

    As evidence of EarthLink’s transformation into a leading integrated communications and IT services provider comes news this week that the company has landed the prestigious #1 on MSPmentor’s 6th annual World’s Top Managed Service Providers (MSPs).

    Whatever you think is happening its apparent the leadership knows where they want to go. Congrats to the leadership team …

  • Anonymous says:

    not a rumor, they have layed off field techs in the southeast, with their last day being May 3rd

  • Earthlink doomed says:

    any word with their oustide sales force? Are they going to keep all these sales people selling integrated T1’s? Some of them make big $$$$ and seems like they would be targeted to cuts since they dont want to sell T1’s anymore.

  • Earthlink doomed says:

    140 – 170 reps nation wide. that is not a big number. they are expecting ~10% churn each qrt in the clec retail side? Sounds like open season for us CLECs.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you listened to the call you heard them say direct reps and the number did not include the partner channel, nor the account management folks. All in they have 350 or so sales reps. The size seems appropriate given its size … in fact they have more sales folks than most carriers their size.

  • Anonymous says:

    Toplisek needs to hire his favorite employees. Funk and cammo to grow revenue

    • Anonymous says:

      Funky “Kitty Galore” Langonista is going to Level 3 to be reunited with her she-girl-friend pangster. Cammo’s deep six somewhere inc canada selling something .. who knows what … but likely continues to be a scum bag.

  • Ray Finkel says:

    45 comments on this thread, WOW that has to be a record. With the aftermath that is ONE company they are working on integration and executing their game plan. What I took away from the call is that they are looking to shrink their work force over all and outsource as much as possible. As they lower their costs using Variable cost structures executed in the dial up world. They are looking to apply their same business practices into the business customers. They are restructuring their finances because they are in trouble. Their have been several calls with the agents to “get selling” as they have little to no internal workforce out there. The incentives to perform are defiantly out there right now.
    As others have stated they have had lots of lay offs, our local field tech is a great guy and he said his last day is May 1st. They did offer him an internal position if he can find one but as he said I am a field guy and don’t work inside. As others have speculated I also agree that they and going thru M&A activity in Q2 or Q3 with Integra, it only makes sense right now. I just hope that they don’t sink the ship like their friends at PAETEC did across town, “If you build it they will come!”. Not so much ask Arunas how he took on over a billion in debt and sank the ship. I think Rolla has taken a page from his playbook.

  • Grant Lewis says:

    EarthLinks outsourcing of its field services operations teams is not unusual in an industry that has been doing this type of thing for many years. One can not conclude that this action is represents malfeasance on the part of the exec team as its possible to achieve the same level of service or better at lower costs.

    While Rob’s point around this transformation is fair – the bloody knuckle transformational actions will continue on and if you don’t have the stomach for it you should get off the ship now – The real value of this business appears to be the retail engine where they appear to be demonstrating QoQ growth from 12/11 to 12/12 of 24%. It would appear that they are seeing some decent growth in the wholesale business given they have pretty unique routes with the IFN network in southeast based upon what i can see and i would expect more as large, tier 1 carriers are trying to diversify network connectivity options for purpose of DR/BCP.

    Lastly, there leverage ratios for both Gross Debt and Net Debt based upon their filings appear to be substantially lower than the industry yet they have access to financing and a good deal of cash on hand. I don’t view this business as a going concern given their apparent flexibility wrt to financing options and in fact think what they are doing is actually appropriate as they are reducing load further on the business through the refinancing action – no different that refinancing your home at a lower rate – but they definitely need to accelerate their final transformation actions. Sales and revenue growth must accelerate or the business stands to not live up to expectations of the institutional investors lining up behind the team.

  • steven says:

    I am coming up on my 8th day with earthlink being down so I hope and pray more layoffs are in it’s near future in fact I hope earthlink goes broke.

  • While I don’t know ANYTHING about the internal workings or significant individuals at EL, I can tell you firsthand about my Customer experience.

    I am the Director of IT for a 60-person company. 12 months ago we began using ELB hosted VoIP and Internet (2 Bonded T1 lines through a Adtran IAD). Not one part of this experience has been trouble-free. Not the install, not the ordering/provisioning of new phones, be it one or several (a month? really??), not the service (changing the name of a phone requires rebooting ALL the phones?!) Nothing is easy or reliable with this service. Our service has gone down numerous times, some were wide-spread, others limited just to our circuit, but in all but one case EL was the source of the outage. There IS one guy in support who seems to be the ideal support rep. He is my oasis in the sea of turmoil that is EL.

    No amount of hand-holding (on my part, mind you) seems to make any difference. Poor process management from the top down seems like the cause, but why that is I personally cannot speculate.

    I am sure there are many nice, smart, good-intentioned people who work at EL, but they seem to be stuck in a non-workable process. It should be a requirement for ALL appropriate CxOs to also be customers of the telco companies they work for and in addition be in the loop for ONE customer trouble- ticket per quarter, at least until such time as the company’s customer support is no longer in question.

    When all is said and done, it’s all about the customer experience. EL gets a D minus at the present. From what I’ve read on these posts it doesn’t sound like that is going to change for the better anytime soon. Unfortunate.

    • matthewrayelnk says:

      @CurrentELBCustomer – I am very sorry to hear about the current experience you are having. We take our customers’ customer experience very seriously and I would like the opportunity to help find out what is going on to solve the current issue you are having effectively.

      If you could email me at social [at] corp [dot] earthlink [dot] com with your account information, phone number, and ticket number, I will look into this and escalate to our head of Customer Experience to engage directly.

      Best Regards,

      Matthew Ray
      Social Media / Customer support
      EarthLink, Inc.

      • Anonymous says:

        Matt, I think we’ve found the problem. You’re the social media guy and a customer support guy? The social media guy should be sitting in the marketing department, not in the customer support department. Those two functions go together about as well as a ham sandwich and edamame.

        Do you perform your customer support work before or after you finish up your social media work?

        Does the revenue accountant at EL also have the title of product development?

        • Bob says:

          Could it be that maybe Matt’s (poorly titled) job is to try and provide customer support to customers expressing problems on social media? I am actually mildly impressed that anyone from a carrier actually read this and attempted contact with the customer. And before you go off on me being an insider, etc., I have never worked for them, but work with them regularly and always end up banging my head at their process. But then again, I can say that for every provider out there. No one is doing things very well.

  • Jen says:

    Here we go again…. Layoff #1865 of the year. Merry Christmas! You have no job!

  • ANON4 says:

    Could they be dropping the legacy business at a fast rate?

  • bebbers says:

    The reason that companies are under performing is because of layoffs due to higher taxes and healthcare costs. Please pay close attention to up and coming Mid term elections.

  • ANON4 says:

    Ah, yes. It is ACA’s fault? Please look into that statement a little closer.

    • Anonymous says:

      He didn’t say ACA, he said rising healthcare costs, which is objectively true and not disputable. However, interesting you inferred that. Methinks he doth protest too much….

      Got Repeal?

  • ANON4 says:

    Rising health care costs are not related to ACA. In fact, they have leveled off and will very likely remain fairly flat. They may even drop as hospitals benefit from that fact that more folks are covered by insurance. The evidence of this so far is good. So, my response was driven by the fact that the statement seemed to be simplistic republican propaganda. The mantra that taxes and ACA are driving businesses bankrupt is Chamber of Commerce BS. There is an excellent blog that outlines in detail how one cabinet maker in Penn. was able to reduce his employee health care costs substantially and has the documentation to prove it.

    • Anonymous says:

      healthcare prices not related to ACA… prices are leveling off and may even drop… republican propaganda… the chamber of commerce is full of bull… a blog of some guy lowering costs = evidence, so we can ignore what most of us see with our own eyes and experience.

      whose posts were full of propaganda and talking points, did you say?

    • bebbers says:

      Is that the same guy that told all that you can keep your doctor and plan? Budget time coming soon… HA HA HA.

  • The thud of reality says:

    Recent government figures have shown that medical prices are rising at their slowest pace in half a century.”

    Don’t worry, nothing to see here, facts can be dangerous:

  • Aynon says:

    Gee, I’m so glad you two brought effing POLITICS to a telecom board to argue it. you know there are like 5000 other blogs and comment sections you can do this pissing match in, right? Can we get a break from the Obama talking machine on at least one website, please?

  • TelcoDude says:

    According to Elnk employees, there was another round of hard hitting layoffs last week that are rumored to be even more devestating that the 15% workforce reductions from earlier this year. I’m told this RIF impacted the indirect channel, a glowing contradiction to this article’s claim that Elnk was strategically moving towards a channel focused business model.

  • Zzzzzzzxxxxx says:

    Just got laid off today from Earthlink Business.

  • Pat H says:

    Is the former HR lady running Service Delivery? I wonder how long it will take the new CEO to flush that out.

  • Tim says:

    I heard EarthLink has had another round of layoffs … sales, relationship management, service delivery, etc. Anyone have insight ? can anyone confirm ? are they cutting their way to numbers?

    • Correct says:

      Yes. Sales, Relationship Management, Service Delivery, etc. Just padding the numbers to make a bonus but the underlying company is still a pig that can’t fly no matter how hard the current management team puts lipstick on it with wings.

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