Network Bytes: Windstream, Sidera, Megapath, Teliasonera, Level 3

August 2nd, 2012 by · 9 Comments

Time to catch up on some recent network operator news:

Windstream (NYSE:WIN, news, filings) turned in another federal contract win yesterday with DISA. They’ll be supplying Virginia’s Fort Lee with fiber and wavelength services, building two diverse fiber paths and deploying redundant DWDM gear to bring the facility on-net. Since the PAETEC deal, Virginia has become one of Windstream’s key fiber markets and they’ve had quite a bit of success in the federal vertical.

Sidera Networks won an important contract extension with NYSE Technologies, the commercial technology division of NYSE Euronext. The northeastern fiber operator will continue to support the network infrastructure needs of SFTI going forward. Not that this is a surprise of course, as Sidera is very strong in the low latency game in the New York Metro area and has been investing to keep it that way.

Megapath (news) has relocated its headquarters from San Jose to Pleasanton, 25 miles or so to the north. The move is part of an overall consolidation and expansion of facilities as it continues to transform into a managed services operator with a substantial Ethernet-over-copper footprint nationwide.

Teliasonera International Carrier is taking the 100G plunge.  They’ve selected Nokia Siemens Networks gear for the upgrade across their pan-European network.  The upgrade will overlay their current infrastructure, built off of 10G and 40G gear, also from the same vendor.  NSN’s 100G gear uses coherent CP-QPSK technology.

Level 3 this morning announced a network expansion into eastern Washington, or more specifically into East Wenatchee and Quincy.  The expansion involves 200 miles of fiber and connections to five data centers, with multiple customers right off the bat.

And finally, the debt markets continue to shine on Level 3 Communications (NYSE:LVLT, news, filings) even as the stock markets grumble. The international network operator’s $400M offering of senior notes announced yesterday expanded dramatically into $775M at a rate just 7%. They’ll be using the cash to refinance the whole bundle of 8.75% senior notes due 2017, with some left over. Level 3’s stock price was also apparently hit by that trading ‘oops’ yesterday by Knight Capital, which explains a lot about yesterday morning’s strange movement I guess.  They also said they’d be taking a non-cash loss in Q3 on some interest rate swaps they had taken to hedge their previous term loan.  For those counting, Level 3 has tapped the credit markets for nearly $2.5B over the past two weeks.


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  • CarlK says:

    This whole Wall Street “RUSE” about (3)’s inability to re-finance their debt, supposedly a mammoth amount that really represents a pimple on the arse of TREX, The Dinosaur as well as VZsuarus’, is getting a little bit OLD now, YA THINK!

    I think it’s time for our masked BONDMAN to show his face, and get CONTROL of this MOTHER SHIP to BROADBAND HEAVEN!

    Go ahead and YAWN about that!

    • Walter Scott says:

      CarlK, When you said this: I think it’s time for our masked BONDMAN to show his face, and get CONTROL of this MOTHER SHIP to BROADBAND HEAVEN!

      Are you asking Warren Buffett to take off his mask in public and stop being so private in never letting Level 3 have a problem with back up cash?

  • SamIAm says:

    I think telecomramblings may have its first troll on its hands… it happens to every public board eventually

  • Anonymous says:

    carlk is definitely ruining this site. seriously it is getting almost as bad as the useless yammering on the yahoo boards.

  • TiredOfHimToo says:

    SamIAm, you’re completely right. I think the key with this guy is just to ignore him.

    The good news is you can see in the TR recent comments box who posted before you waste your time reading another one of his Level 3 love letters, his WS rants or his attacks on countless other companies, executives, regulators and every one else on his list.

    A shrink would have a field day going through his posts.

  • Anonymous says:

    carlk, please leave us alone. i come to this site because it is interesting and specific… you sir are ruining that with your dribble. please shut your ballwasher and go back to yahoo. we get it, you like lvlt, fine. but give the rest of us a break.

  • Anonymous says:

    Feedback time. Leaving this site, as intelligent discussion and conversation has passed. How do people like carlk have so much time on their hands?

  • Anonymous says:

    robert, do not allow carlk to hijack your site or it will become useless. im out.

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