Level 3 Gets the Democratic National Convention Nod Again

August 29th, 2012 by · 19 Comments

Level 3 Communications (NYSE:LVLT, news, filings) said this morning that it has been selected as the official media and technology provider for the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte next week. It’s a major coup in the ‘politcal vertical’, but of course this almost an encore performance, as  four years ago out in Denver Level 3 did the same thing for Obama and crew. 

They’ll be providing both Vyvx broadcasting and CDN services from all three convention locations: the Time Warner Cable Arena, the Bank of America Stadium, and the Charlotte Convention Center. There will also be dark fiber services and events monitoring and support as part of the new agreement.

There will be 35,000 highly connected people there, and tens of millions watching from afar – although probably not as many as four years ago when Obama was the challenger rather than the incumbent. It’s hard to get interested in the politics this year, they’re all transparent and the stories are boring.

But technologically, four years is a lifetime in this business and hence the network and data requirements are surely much different this time around, and with the iPhone/iPad/Android I wonder if there won’t be an awful lot of bits streaming out of and then right back into each of those venues.

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  • beetlejuice says:

    Another great reason to dislike this company: crony capitalism.

  • Anon says:

    #unfoundedaccusation, that is

  • CarlK says:

    Just when The Republicans needed The Bush Family legal mind, James Baker, “It’s not fair to change the rules of the game in the middle of the game,” they pulled this shenanigan for Mint Milken.

    Wait a second, what is he saying now? Who’s Mint? And, who’s Milken? Where is there a connection? I’ll give you unfounded accusations!

    Paul supporters, lead by Nevada delegate Wayne Terhune, succeeded in putting together petitions from six states to put Paul’s name up for nomination. But earlier this week, the Romney campaign won a critical rules change requiring eight states to put a candidate up for nomination.

    At the last moment, Paul supporters handed the petitions to the convention secretary. Then, the convention voted to adopt the eight-state rule, crushing the Paul effort.

    “They said to us, you have no voice,” Paul delegate Cindy Lake of Las Vegas said. “Tea Party, you have no voice. Liberty movement, you have no voice.”

  • LongOverDue says:

    CarlK needs to be banned from posting off the wall crap.

    • Anonymous says:

      Rob, why can’t you politely ask him to please stay on topic? We’re all for freedom of expression but this is your property and he’s crapping all over it. As the owner you can gently influence behavior.

      For example, “Status Quo” must have been one of his latest entries on his Angry Man Word of the Day calendar because that’s all we’ve seen from him lately and it has nothing to do with the topics being discussed.

      On entry after entry he comments with unrelated ranting posts and then proceeds to comment on his own rants; this is distracting and frustrating to your readers and, more importantly, lowers site participation.

      AnonIII said it best when he compared Carlk to the lunatic you have to pass each day when getting the mail.

    • en_ron_hubbard says:

      “CarlK needs to be banned from posting off the wall crap.”

      I’m afraid that is all he has. The solution needs to be more radical and should be pursued with extreme prejudice.

  • No Suprise Here says:

    The last Democratic convention, in Denver. Barack stayed in Jim Crowes guest bedroom the night before…maybe that was when he decided to invite Jimmy to join his national communications board! They need to exchange there theories on deameaning debt.

    • SamIAm says:

      Great point… but no crony capitalism here… and the debt comment is funny as all get out… great point, they share very similar philosophies of how to “grow” their business: give everything away and leak money like a seive, and spend lots of other people’s money that they then re-up and push payback down the road a few more years!

  • CarlK says:

    Enron, that sounds rather threatening. Try not to kill a messenger, please. I have had to endure your nonsense for some time now.

    If you along with your ilk make Rob censor free speech like they do on the Yahoo boards, and like they did in the Nazi Party, see where that LEADS you. Or, are you leading us there again? The NEOCONS seem to be speeding us along that path!

    Last night, I tried to listen with an open mind to the Republicans for some insight into their politics while hoping to hear real change, but all I heard was the same old, WAR MONGERING, FEAR MONGERING, us against them CRAP these NEOCONS are genetically handicapped with.

    Then there was CONDI LYING her FACE OFF about how Americans are never JEALOUS of others’ own success. She must never have worked in THE CORPORATE STRUCTURE, nor seen basic family units oozing with envy and jealousy. She doesn’t understand human nature, it seems.

    People know these things intuitively, so hopefully, comments like those work against them in the end.

    Charles Munger says it’s the deadliest sin, because it’s the only one where it kills the one practicing it, but it is PERVASIVE everywhere, that I can assure you.

    You won’t get anything NEW or IMPROVED from this MINT character who robs from the people for his personal gains, a spoon fed brat to be sure, and then has his minion tell the people he gives to charity with his own money, and not their taxes. It’s possible that is how Mormon charity works, I guess! IMO, of course.

    The other thing is, if you don’t like the author, you don’t have to read them! There are many comments here I have never read for one reason or another.


    • en_ron_hubbard says:


      Let me put it this way:

      — if you were a radio station you would not register in the Arbitron ratings book
      — if you had been the prosecutor in the Madoff trial it is entirely possible he would have got off
      — if you manage to reproduce, it will give the lie to the process of natural selection

      FYI, I sometimes read your nonesense but only for amusement and to see how loopy you are on that day ( and after I do it I am disappointed in myself). Without an ignore feature on this site you are a corner of the TV screen that only registers static and can’t be turned off.

      Why not establish a CarlK blog– I am sure you will generate massive page views. I apologize if the above seems harsh, but you are infecting an otherwise admirable site. Why do that?

      • Anonymous says:

        en_ron, completely agree…Carlk, this is not yahoo!, it’s a well written blog that discusses specific telecom subjects.

        Your comments are a loud piercing distracting noise in what is a very civil and informed telecom community. Rob is running a business here. If one of his customers is ruining the experience for the vast majority, he should do what any good business owner would do. First warn the customer then fire him.

        If you went to an MLB game and continuously shouted about communism, you would first be asked to stop and then, if you ignored the warning, you’d be escorted out of the park. (Was recently at a game where this happened.)

        There are plenty of corners of the internet where you can rant all you like; speaking for myself, I wish you’d find one.

  • Anon says:

    Back to Level3, they still have a lot of assets, a lot of debt, a great CFO and not enough enterprise customers. Would love to see them earn and retain customer business. Many or most of my colleagues find them heavy-handed and hard to work with. They view customers transactionally, and to my observation, don’t build long term relationships (except with the DNC, apparently).

    I think telecom observers are often too enamoured with “great assets” but not focused enough on the monetization of those assets. See, e.g., Level3.

  • Brian Boru says:

    I also find Carl’s posts annoying but I have to weigh in against an outright ban. Bans just rub me the wrong way. Is it possible to add an “ignore” feature here? I use the ignore feature on IV and find that it filters out the debris quite well.

  • Grant Lewis says:

    I think Level 3 is going to make another acquisition soon. They have momentum and a great CFO.

  • B says:

    And what momentum is that? The .7% top line growth last quarter? Why not for once in their pathetic existence they show some real, sustainable growth instead of buying it and diluting shareholders to death.

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