Poll: Who is to blame for the LightSquared debacle?

February 17th, 2012 by · 5 Comments

So much time, effort, and money were spent on LightSquared’s effort to build an LTE wholesale alternative over the past year or so, and now unless there is some serious magic left in Philip Falcone’s wand it all seems to have gone for naught.  LightSquared blames the GPS industry for sloppy design and inflexibility in finding a fix.  The GPS industry blames LightSquared for trying to kill their technology first and check for problems later.  Still others blame the FCC and the Obama administration for letting the whole thing get started in the first place when they granted LightSquared such a dubious waiver.  Now that the dust is settling, here’s a poll to see what Ramblings’ readers think:

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  • Anonymous says:

    Just curious for those with more knowledge about how wireless networks work, L2’s problem is its unusable spectrum, so if someone else that has lots of of usable spectrum were to buy L2, such as a Clearwire, would they be able to benefit from the buildout and investments L2 already made?

  • Rob says:

    Where does this leave level 3. They won the majority of the back haul for the L2 network and most of the colo. looks like they are left holding the bag here.

  • CarlK says:

    Do you have a PR to prove your Level 3/ L2 contract relationship? In all of my years of listening and watching Level 3’s presentations along with PR’s, I have never heard or seen L2 mentioned once.

    Considering the nefarious operators embedded inside and/or sniffing around L2, including but not limited to GS, Master Puppeteer and Rothschild Agent, Soros, as well as that mobbed up ICON, Level 3 would certainly use better judgement versus facilitating crimes against humanity with dangerous networks, I am sure.

    Besides, less spectrum with more of a focus to offload it via the use of intelligently allocated “bandwidth” is fast developing into a valuable broadband mine for Big (3).

    And, it’s about time witnessed by its Chairman, Walter Scott Jr., having recently converted his fifteen percent bonds earlier with a $27 strike price, leaving him with a cost basis on those shares significantly higher than today’s trading! imo

  • Level3 says:


    LVLT has never made any public annoucement that it has any dealings with LightSquared. Level 3 is thinking ahead to Microsoft’s Super WiFi Network.

    My yellow bker hat goes off to Walter Scott Jr. for converting. Howard Marks once said “Real men don’t buy converts, so chickens like me can buy cheap.”


  • CarlK says:

    Thank you Level3. It seems now is the right time to follow “real men” with “equity” in their hands to “The Internet Clouds” from which fourteen years of great building and connecting has preceded it.

    “Walter Scott is a great builder.” Warren E. Buffett

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