Finally, Today the Verizon iPhone Speculation Will Die

January 11th, 2011 by · Leave a Comment

Is it just me, or has the last year and a half of media frenzy over when Verizon get the iPhone been lame for about a year?  Verizon has called a press conference for Tuesday, and by universal acclamation we now know that they will soon (perhaps in less than a month) be selling the miraculous device.  The short version of the implications:

  • Will it dent AT&T’s subscriber growth story? You betcha.  But the phenomenon had to end someday.
  • Will Verizon’s numbers suddenly surge mightily? Not likely, because it’s not 2009 anymore.  Heck it’s not even 2010 anymore.
  • Will Verizon’s data network creak under the strain before summer? Not likely.  But when the LTE version comes out someday, keep an eye on the backhaul…
  • Will consumers be ecstatic over yet more rip-roaring 3G data speeds? Not likely.  Bottom line is that the iPhone and Android are built for a 4G world, anything less is … limiting.
  • Will Verizon’s iPhone sales be 12M this year or merely 9M? Who cares.  Depends on those subsidies, wouldn’t want to sell too many and ‘miss’ their numbers like AT&T did more than once… Haha.
  • Will Verizon offer unlimited data plans? Wrong question.  The right question is how much will they cost and how many Gigabytes would make it worthwhile to buy such a plan.

I’m just glad this story will die at last.  For me, the bloom is off the rose to say the least, and it will take a 4G iPhone to get my attention again.  And that can be any of WiMAX, LTE, or HSPA+ as far as I’m concerned.  Until then, it’s just another gadget.

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