The FCC’s Net Neutrality Order: What’s Your Opinion?

December 22nd, 2010 by · 3 Comments

Ok, despite the fact that its actual contents remain unpublished, just about every pundit on the planet that knows what network neutrality is has weighed in on the FCC’s latest Network Neutrality order.  My own view is rather jaded.  Nothing has been resolved, but the FCC has managed to frame the debate on its own terms for the near future.  But I’m curious what everyone else has to say, but not in the form of a yes or no but rather to take a measurement of the general mood.  So here is another rather non-standard poll:

[poll id=”45″]

Those of you with eidetic memories will recall that I did offer a vaguely similar poll the last time the FCC issued network neutrality rules.  For the record, here were those results:

[poll id=”29″]

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  • ES says:


    You rightly mention that the devil is in the details though my reference point on industry jargon is less fresh than yours, do you think the below paragraph sheds any light on the comcast/Level 3 dispute?

    “A commercial arrangement between a broadband provider and a third party to directly or indirectly favor some traffic over other traffic in the connection to a subscriber of the broadband provider (i.e., ‘pay for priority’) would raise significant cause for concern,” the Commission then elaborates. This is because “pay for priority would represent a significant departure from historical and current practice.”

  • carlk says:

    Rob, there has been much valid criticism over the lack of disclosure surrounding the public document which remains unpublished. This may be worse than the bank bailout money where voluminous papers amounting to thousands of pages were produced, but hardly a legislator in the Hall of Congress read them while passing it into law. Some say it was under duress, but that’s a whole other story!

    When will the newest FCC mandate be available for public consumption? tia

  • I think net neutrality is great. We shouldn’t be restricted and blocked from viewing websites like citizens of communist countries. This is America and nobody should be playing dictator. Law enforcement officers already do their part in taking down internet criminals. But those people chose to partake in illegal activities and being free Americans, that was their choice and they can pay for their actions.

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