Don’t Drink and … Colocate?

August 27th, 2010 by · 3 Comments

For your Friday reading pleasure, take a look at this one over on Data Center Knowledge.  Imagine coming in one morning to see a co-worker passed out on the floor with a .45 semi-automatic on the floor next to him, and your $100K server full of holes?   After waking him up, he tells the police what may be the lamest story of the week about someone mugging him, drugging him, stealing the gun, shooting the server, then apparently forgetting the gun.  Actually, he was out drinking, came back to the office, and fancied himself a bit of a sharpshooter.  Indeed, he didn’t miss, despite passing out shortly thereafter – it must have been quite a moving target at the time.  Time to add a breathalyzer next to the keycard slot?  It’s funny, but then again it’s not – thankfully the guy didn’t have company after hours that night.  Now perhaps he’ll move onto a well-deserved career in reality TV.

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