An Hour With Allied Fiber’s Hunter Newby

August 10th, 2010 by · 7 Comments

Earlier this summer, we briefly posted a link to a long presentation and discussion by Allied Fiber’s Hunter Newby the Internet Society of New Yolk but that link turned out to be premature.  Well, they did it right this time, so for those interested in an hour’s worth of detail on just what Allied Fiber is up to in the world of dark fiber, here it is – with video even:

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7 Comments So Far

  • Ferguson says:

    This is a very good prenetion on the business of Internet traffic

  • carlk says:

    O.K. I think I am getting this, somewhat, now. Newby is stumping for Norfolk Southern Railroad to monetize their ROW’s, remnants of pre-civil war days. There’s an undisclosed foreign PTT in his underbelly where interest originally arose because they couldn’t gain “ACCESS” from US incumbents the way that they wish. Europe or South America, I believe.

    Partnering with the railroad surrounding their own ROW’s, may be where “liabilities” are somehow eliminated, shared or mitigated, but Dave Rusin knows much more about this I’m sure. 🙂

    The reverse pyramid which garners additional support by last mile/first mile enterprises, municipalities and others is where the MEAT is supplied to the BONES of this business model.

    Scarce fiber is a very important component of this idea as referenced throughout his presentation, and this is NOT LEVEL 4, nor a game changer except for the fact that, it places more pressure on RBOC and MSO, last mile/first mile territories, as they witness customers, “Doing it themselves” for accessing the long haul highway.

    This is a very bright, articulate, visionary salesman, one who reminds me of an AT&T REX family member with RPI roots.

    • Frank A. Coluccio says:

      You’ve characterized Hunter Newby’s presentation skills very well. His ability to hold the attention of that room was nothing short of artful, especially when considering that most attendees at that ISOC meeting had been through it once before. I’m hoping that the Q&A session of the longer ‘two-hour’ meeting, i.e., Part 2, is at some point made available for viewing on the Web as well.

    • Dave Rusin says:

      Hunter is not just a “salesman” — he knows how to operate a business … maybe I should join his Board …

  • carlk says:

    No, no, no! We’re waiting for Crowe to leave and you to replace him, remember? 🙂

    We will not tolerate a leader who is ready to succumb to, while crying foul to regulatory czars about first mile, or is it last mile, monopolists who are wielding their age inherited power.

    We need a third, end around play as a solution. I’d like to see one appearing from Walmart rooftops across this heartland, as I keep reading about.

    • Frank A. Coluccio says:

      re: from Walmart rooftops across this heartland

      Ah, now you’re confusing the wireline national play with the more recently announced wireless play. You must be thinking about LightSquared in this case 😉

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