Reader Poll: What is Google Doing?

February 12th, 2010 by · 3 Comments

Now that a bit of the dust has settled on the announced intention by Google (NASDAQ:GOOG, news, filings) to build an experimental FTTX network in a community or communities yet to be determined, it’s time to get a reading on what the community actually thinks they are doing.  We know what the media thinks, or at least what they think will get the most readers to read their articles.  What about the rest of us?  Here’s a quick poll:

[poll id=”32″]

Minor note:  I have switched back to my previous polling plugin, as PollDaddy didn’t work out as well as I’d hoped.

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  • FAC says:

    Google may be a lot of things, but it is not a silo player. Perhaps you may remember a certain outfit that was once involved in energy exploration and trading that got involved in optical networks and IRU contracts and then began derivatives trading involving same? I’m not suggesting that G has similar predilections, but after reading the below article, at least one of my forum members yesterday jokingly (?) likened “G” to “E”:


  • Raul Martynek says:

    This announcement is a complete ruse. As readers of this site should know, there is no technical impediment to deploying Gig-E to the edge. There is however, an economic impediment as the cost to deploy such a system in a wide scale residential situation, with today’s technology, results in a price point that the market will not accept. Google knows this full well but is cleverly advancing this specious argument in order to influence public policy and put pressure on the MSOs and ILECs to continue to invest in broadband.

  • anon says:

    google has a cash printing machine in their paid ad network which even critics have to admit is impressive. as for their other plans, they have one of the worst success ratios i have seen in the “corporate initiatives” space – examples include plans to syndicate radio ads (shuttered); plans to sell newspaper ads (shuttered); plans to conquer msft office with free apps (do they have a 2% share??), etc. i agree with prior post – gig to the home can be done, but why bother from an economic standpoint. i get 15 mbps for about $40/mo

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