XO Charges Into the Inland Empire

November 19th, 2009 by · 7 Comments

XO Holdings (news, filings) has expanded operations across the ‘Inland Empire’ region of southern California.  I must admit, being from the east coast I had to look that one up on Wikipedia.  The inland empire is the area headed by San Bernadino and Riverside, amongst others.  It’s a fast growing area of course, which is surely one reason why XO has focused resources there. 

Southern California is one of XO’s strongest markets, with over 600 miles of fiber in the overall metro area.  Now they have added new PoPs across the region, a sales office in Ontario (for fellow east coasters, that’s a city, not the canadian province), and more than a dozen staff.  Missing from the PR are any details of the facilities they might have put in place, but that’s normal for XO.  Does anyone in the Inland Empire know what sort of presence XO has in the area?  Are they hooking up buildings with fiber, or leasing circuits from central offices?  Just curious.

Operationally, XO has been acting with more confidence of late, the distractions of the Icahn soap opera notwithstanding.  Last year they expanded in Charlotte and then in the spring it was Raleigh.

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  • Dan says:

    The Inland Empire is also famous for having the largest foreclosures in CA if not the country. Lots of undeveloped lands and empty warehouses/offices. Finally, the Inland Empire is very spread out with lots of lower income housing…

  • carlk says:

    There are some very important Inland Empire city hubs, driving the economy down there. If you look real closely; however, you might think you were in Hong Kong or Beijing. These are a very productive, ambitious people.

    Rob, I suggest you visit some time. 🙂

  • Dan says:

    That’s funny. I live 20 miles from the Inland Empire. My office is 10 miles from it. To compare the Inland Empire to Hong Kong and Beijing is a total insult to Hong Kong and Beijing since I have been to both cities and am very familiar with their infrastructure. The Ontairio Airport is a little bleep on the radar. The Inland Empire is great for Warren Buffett has his BSNF fleet of train as lots of warehouses are their for low cost real estate for distribution.

    Rob, I suggest you visit as well, but I must warn you. It’s not anything like Hong Kong or Beijing, for there are not buildings taller than 5 or 6 stories…

  • carlk says:

    My apologies. My reference was paying homage to the work ethic of the Asian people I experienced recently in San Gabriel, CA versus its geography or edifices since that, I have never been to Hong Kong nor Beijing. Maybe I caught the hustle and bustle in that city on a good day!

    You seem to be correct about the destruction of China like towns in general across that geography, at least since those RAIL LINES had been constructed, to some extent, by the sweat of their brows and breaking of their backs in earlier periods.


  • Dan says:

    carlk, I think you are mistaken San Gabriel to be the Inland Empire? It really isn’t one of the same. As noted by your Wiki link, the Inland Empire refers to Riverside, Redlands, and San Bernandino. San Gabriel is just 15 minutes from downtown LA. From San Gabriel to Riverside, that’s a nice 30-45 minutes drive. Next time you come to San Gabriel, just stay on the I-10 and keep on driving East. It’s hard to miss the Inland Empire as you drive by it. It will be A LONG TIME before XO will benefit from any metro build out there…

  • carlk says:

    Thanks Dan. I wonder if xoHO’s goals are to link distribution channel warehouse centers, more than likely considered enterprise accounts in their minds, which connect to and are transported by Warren’s railroad?

    Misguided financial efforts by criminally supported enterprises, does not compute.

    Carl Icahn influenced businesses deploying his capital wouldn’t be that dumb. imo

  • anon says:

    one interesting telco note re this area.. for years the clec’s and others have had trouble attacking san diego and north san diego markets because of camp pendleton marine base “cuts off” LA area from san diego area… xo had best network in n san diego area (and i think a pop in kearney mesa) wonder if they will be able use their “s riverside” network (#5) to go around pendleton or otherwise fix this glitch.. right now, many of the san diego business are fed out of and colo in phoenix

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