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In my poll of a few days ago regarding what map links I ought to collect next, readers wanted three things:  metro fiber maps, Latin American maps, and more European maps.  For metro maps, I am going to have to think about the best way to do it, as there are too many to organize simply so I would have to group them intelligently.  My thought right now is that I make a page for each major metro area or for groups of adjacent or nearby metro areas.  For example:  a New York City area page, a Florida page, a New England page, etc.  However, that's a lot of pages and it's a bit tricky to design it well , but I will work on it.  For Latin American Maps, I am hunting them down - albeit slowly since I don't know the region's assets very well.

But for European maps, the situation is clearer.  My initial restriction was for networks having a presence in at least 4 countries.  This left out quite a few interesting networks with deep fiber footprints in just one or perhaps two countries, however not enough for me to want to write a separate page.  At the same time, too many of the network maps I did list just pointed to the international page.  The dividing line I chose just didn't fit the data set well.  Therefore, I have reworked the page without the 4 country restriction, and added a column characterizing each network's geographical footprint.  Therefore, added to the list over the weekend were the following network maps:

  • Dial Telecom
  • e!net
  • Exatel
  • Fiberlac
  • Geo
  • Hibernia Atlantic
  • Jazztel
  • Lambdanet
  • Retelit
  • Sunrise
  • Versatel

As always, this list is limited to those maps I have managed to find, but is meant to be inclusive.  So if you know of a network map that ought to be on the list, then it probably ought to be on the list, so please send it to me at

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